Character Design


paperclip traffic light - EditedBasic

youtube-256 Rock man character model by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Weeping Angel by Mescad
youtube-256Create Rock Man by Mescad
peniconGhost effects by LadylexUK
peniconBomber Goblin by LadylexUK
peniconArsonist goblin by LadylexUK
youtube-256How to make wings by SuperSonicStation
youtube-256How to make a Rock Golem by Addidy
peniconTips on creating enemies by Invisibledoogey
youtube-256 Snowman Model by Malletspace
youtube-256 Lucid Stew’s Character Creation Tutorials (playlist) Lucid Stew

youtube-256 Skeleton Models by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Drone Follower by StringierKhan

paperclip traffic light2 - EditedIntermediate

youtube-256Sentry Guard by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Minecraft Creeper Enemy by Mescad
youtube-256Creating enemies (Education stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256Create guard enemies by Mescad
youtube-256Leveled enemies by Mescad
youtube-256Stat boosting companions by Mescad

youtube-256 AI Pathfinding by LadylexUK

paperclip traffic light3 - Edited Advanced/Expert

youtube-256AI Path finding (Education stream) by Project Spark


paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256 Combat Pets by Seris Taclys

paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256 Poisonous jellyfish by LadylexUK


paperclip traffic light - Editedyoutube-256Create a Boss Battle by Mescad

paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256How to make a boss battle (Education Stream) by Project Spark
paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256Bosses: Teleportation attack and multi directional shooting by Seris Taclys
paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256Bosses: Phases (Changing/evolving skills) by Seris Taclys
paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256 Yeti Boss Battle by LadylexUK


Players and Champions

paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256Controlling Champion brains (Education stream) by Project Spark
paperclip traffic light2 - EditedpeniconEquipping armour in a game by LadylexUK
paperclip traffic light2 - EditedpeniconHow to Get a Reference to a Champion by InstantKafka
paperclip traffic light2 - EditedpeniconDecoy Clones by LadylexUK
paperclip traffic light2 - Editedyoutube-256 Changing clothes in-game by LadylexUK


paperclip traffic light - EditedpeniconChanging sounds by LadylexUK
paperclip traffic light - Editedyoutube-256 Flowing hair by Project Sparker

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