Koding Skills

paperclip traffic light - Edited Basic

Koding basics

peniconUsing variables by LadylexUK
youtube-256Learn Variables by Seris Taclys
youtube-256How variables work by Mescad
peniconCreate position and orientation by LadylexUK
youtube-256Indented Child Lines by Mescad
youtube-256Extending a Timer by Mescad
youtube-256Sockets by Mescad
youtube-256Paths by Mescad
youtube-256Moving on Relative Paths by Mescad
youtube-256Power functions by Mescad
youtube-256What is a Vector? by Mescad
youtube-256What is a Vector? by Project Spark
peniconTurning Things Off : Pace, Brains, Power and Destroy by LadylexUK
peniconBoolean Basics by LadylexUK
peniconHow to use Timers by LadylexUK
peniconOrientation of Objects by DankerPie3
youtube-256 How to Use the AND and OR logic gates by KoriDaAwesome
youtube-256 Kode Basics by Mindcraft Max
youtube-256 Kode Basics Timing and Logic by Mindcraft Max

Game creation

youtube-256 Path Tutorial by StringierKhan

Tile Explanations

youtube-256The Player tile by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Interaction by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Sensors by Mescad
youtube-256Basic Math functions by Mescad
youtube-256The clamp tile by Mescad
youtube-256Timer with Conditions by Mescad
youtube-256Play Creation Effect Tile by Mescad
youtube-256Object Filtering by Mescad
youtube-256Sample Noise and Why Random isnt Random by Mescad
youtube-256Game time Tile by Mescad
youtube-256It vs Them Tiles by Mescad
youtube-256What is a Player in Project Spark? by Mescad
youtube-256Teams tiles by Mescad
youtube-256Boolean Logic by Mescad
youtube-256Raycasting by Mescad
youtube-256What is a Boolean? by Project Spark
youtube-256What is an object variable? by Project Spark
youtube-256What is a Ray cast? by Project Spark
youtube-256What are Brain Sensors? by Project Spark
youtube-256What is Add brain? by Project Spark
youtube-256Every variable in Project Spark by Invisibledoogey
peniconHints and Tips about the Started To Tile by WertAndrew
peniconSolving problems caused by the Player Tile by LadylexUK
peniconShrink and Grow Tiles by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Adapting the Interact tile by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Once, Started to, No longer by StringierKhan

paperclip traffic light2 - EditedIntermediate

Koding knowledge

peniconUsing Vectors by LadylexUK
peniconSingle frame actions and continuous state by LadylexUK
youtube-256Pinning variables by Mescad
youtube-256Timer with Conditions
youtube-256Vectors 101 by Invisibledoogey
peniconMovement using mathematical formula (Trigonimos) by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Vectors in Project Spark by Mindcraft Max

penicon Koding Konversation: Icon numbers
penicon Koding Konversation: Using Vectors

Tile explanations

youtube-256Pace Tile and Manipulating Animations (Education Stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256Under used tiles (Education stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256Using Push Brain by Mescad
youtube-256Centroid tile by Mescad
youtube-256 Sample Noise Demo by InstantKafka

Game creation knowledge

youtube-256 Optimizing Worlds – Draw distance and pop-ins by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Analog controller inputs by Mescad
youtube-256Persistent Worlds (Education Stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256Leaderboards (Education Stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256Creating games that save (Education stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256How to Debug (Education Steam) by Project Spark
youtube-256Scoring Games (Education Stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256How to make a debug system by Project Spark
youtube-256How do I set Random colors? by Project Spark
youtube-256How do I make save games? by Project Spark
youtube-256Paths 101 by Invisibledoogey
peniconImplementing a Startup Sequence by Sparkotron
peniconHow to detect language of client by RodianWuzi
youtube-256 Custom Game Settings by InstantKafka
youtube-256 How to Use Campaign Variables by ablaackgirl

paperclip traffic light3 - Edited Advanced/Expert

Koding knowledge

peniconChannels and slots by LadylexUK
youtube-256Improve performance with object sets by LadylexUK
youtube-256Bubble Sort by Mescad
youtube-256What is a sine wave? by Project Spark
youtube-256Making objects orbit with math by Invisibledoogey
peniconCreating a Basic Array by Mescad
youtube-256 Multibrains by StringierKhan

Tile explanations

youtube-256Multibrains (Education Stream) by Project Spark
peniconMultibrains and Variable Scope by Myline de Nolia
peniconHow to use Call page effectively and avoid its pitfalls by EonDog

Game creation knowledge

youtube-256Linking between worlds by Mescad
youtube-256Creating persistent worlds by Mescad
youtube-256Cursor for Xbox Controller by Anaveragerecon

Multiplayer Games

Sadly, the multiplayer functionality no longer works as the Project Spark servers are required to facilitate play. These tutorials are here for historical interest only.

youtube-256Creating Multiplayer Games by Mescad
youtube-256Creating Multiplayer Games (2 parts) by Mescad

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