How to detect language of client

By Rodian Wuzi
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Maybe someone already came up with this idea, but since I haven’t seen it anywhere.
I found a way to find out the language a players client is running by checking the default name of a logic cube.

As long as you don’t change it the name of an object changes with the language of the client.

Just put these lines into an unnamed logic cube:


WHEN:[name][=][text: Logik-Würfel] DO:[textVariable: language][=][text: german]
WHEN:[name][=][text: Logic-Cube] DO:[textVariable: language][=][text: english]
WHEN:[name][=][text: Cube logique] DO:[textVariable: language][=][text: french]
WHEN:[name][=][text: ロジック キューブ] DO:[textVariable: language][=][text: japanese]
WHEN:[name][=][text: Cubo lógico] DO:[textVariable: language][=][text: português]

If your language isn’t listed here just tell me the exact name of the “logic cube” object as it is displayed in Project Spark and I’ll try to update this thread and my world.


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