Shrink and Grow Tiles

By LadylexUK (Feb 2015)
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These tiles work the same as each other but reversed. The instructions for shrink work the same for grow.

Used on its own like this


WHEN DO [shrink]

the object will immediately shrink to the minimum size it is capable of with no animation. Objects are not the same when it comes to scaling. Upper and lower limits are unique to the object. Some will not scale under 30% while others will scale right down to 1 or even 0%, same with grow. Some objects will scale to 2000% while others can stop at 400%.

Used with a number


WHEN DO [shrink][0.1]

It will shrink to its minimum size at the rate specified. In this case 10% a frame or 300% a second

The smaller the number the slower it will shrink. (.001 is smallest and slowest option)

To get it to shrink to a specific size


WHEN [once] DO [shrink][40][percent] //however much you want it to shrink (not how much you want it to shrink to)



WHEN [once] DO [shrink][to scale][0.5] // shrink to half of the default size

These methods are however an instant shrink

To get a slower shrink to a specific size you could use a duration timer like this


WHEN [duration timer][20][in frames] DO [shrink][0.01]

You would have to work out how long to run the line of Kode for it to shrink to the size you need, based on the speed of shrink.

You can also create a growing effect when you create props by using the play creation fx.


WHEN [once] DO [objvar:my object][=][create][tree]
…WHEN DO [objvar:my object][play creation fx]

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