If you have a specific tutorial request please comment below with as much detail as you can.

I will try to make something for you, but I cannot guarantee I will be able to solve your issue, as some things are very difficult to do in Project Spark, and I am a little rusty.

You can also help out with tutorials of your own, either written or video, or just help with existing brain tiles pages or tutorials. Just post in the comments.


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  1. 2D space shooter game with camera facing down at fighter jet and the alien terrain world as it’s moving forward… Games like galaga, Delta force, Raiden, etc… Enemy ships/creatures drop power ups when destroyed. Fighter jet levels up as xp collected by enemies, etc… Level up screen to upgrade ship and swap power ups, etc…


    1. Lots there. I will see what I can do, though I am trying to build a village sim at the moment. Anyone else in the meantime want to tackle this please make a video so I can add it to the archive.


  2. I have another request on how to put music/sound in in game. Using the Kinect. Idk I’m having a hard time with that. I can do the animations fine but music/sound isn’t working! Can’t do it thru kode in the brain cause it says the feature will be added later… So idk… Please help thanks ladylexuk.


    1. You can only add music as an emote. And you can only add emotes to characters. So to put music/sound in a game you have to place an invisible character, non collidable, non attackable, immortal with an emote kode like this.
      WHEN DO [emote][kinect gallery: your sound]. To make a sound effect you need to activate a boolean or increase a number variable like this:

      In the object that activates the sound effect

      WHEN [started to][has power] DO [iwp:sound man][boolvar:play sound][equals][true]
      …WHEN [countdown][2] DO [iwp:sound man][boolvar:play sound][equals][false]

      In the “sound man”

      WHEN [boolvar:play sound] DO [emote][kinect galley: your sound]


      WHEN [hit by attack] DO [iwp:sound man][#sound][incremented by][1]

      in the “sound man”
      WHEN [#sound][increased]
      …WHEN [duration][2] DO [emote][kinect gallery: your sound]


      1. Ok thanks, I will try that later! P.s your the best! Keep up the good work your doing to keep Spark alive, I appreciate it and so do the whole project spark team / community! 👍🎮😀


  3. Goblin360 recently had the issue with trying to color text with kode. The solution was given to him by csomicage, but never posted (Except for the mention of CSS text formatting). Could you post a tutorial on it?


  4. I was wondering if you could show how to make an advanced camera but not some normal advanced camera but a super advanced camera. I want to be able to see my body, and see the movement of the character in the form of the camera moving and not see the facial features and do not wish to move and have the move all over the place while moving. I also need to have the ability to see in all directions up,down,left,and right. If you could make this for me I would be grateful. If not, DO NOT FORCE OR PRESSURE YOURSELF. Okay thank you 😉


    1. After a bit of experimentation I think the answer is no, this is not an area I am very good at. Also Project Spark cameras are very limiting in this area. I know some Project Spark Team club members have posted demos of good 1st person cameras – try messaging them. I will see if they will share their secrets with me, and if I can get a tutorial together I will.


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