Guide to Tutorial Index

Key to Tutorial Type

paperclip traffic light - EditedEasy tutorials
paperclip traffic light2 - Edited Intermediate tutorials
paperclip traffic light3 - Edited Expert tutorials
penicon Written only tutorial
youtube-256 YouTube video only
tutandvideo Video and Written tutorial

Tutorial Subject List

Click on the subject to see the tutorial list

  • Starter Guides (Introductions to Project Spark. Basic knowledge on kode and design.)
  • Koding Skills (Tutorials on basic principles such as learning variables, vectors, logic.)
    • Koding knowledge
    • Tile descriptions
    • Game creation knowledge
  • Character Skills (Tutorials on player character brains)
    • Lives and respawning
    • Health, XP and Levelling
    • Movement
    • Other
  • Character Design (Tutorials on character design, both player and NPC)
    • NPCs
    • Bosses
    • Player and Champions
  • Game Mechanics (Game play components)
    • Quests
    • Dialogue and Messages
    • Shops
    • Inventory
    • Loot and Collectables
    • Mapping
    • Spawners
    • Other
  • Game types (Tutorials about a specific style of game)
    • Platformers
    • Fighting Games
    • RPG
    • 3rd Person Shooters
    • 1st Person Shooters
  • Game Mechanic Breakdowns (Looking at breaking down community and AAA games and how to do their game mechanics)
  • Cinematography and Music (Tutorials on camerawork, use of music and special effects)
  • Prop and Prop Brain Design (Tutorials on how to make new props out of the assets of Project Spark, and how to kode them)
  • World Design (Tutorials on the terrain building tools, and scenery construction.)
  • Screen Display (Tutorials that involve the text and image layer, such as HUDs and menus)
  • Vehicles and transportation (Tutorials on vehicles such as cars and boats or transportation such as teleportation devices.)
  • Weaponry and Combat (Tutorials on physical weapon props, combat skills and enemy brains.)
    • Weapons
    • Combat
    • Shields


For beginners you may prefer to start with the starter guides and move on to the basic tutorials – using the traffic light system. For my money the best video tutorials are those done by Mescad and Seris Taclys as they are concise, easy to follow, and short.

Personal Note: I do not recommend the official Education Streams as a good place for beginners. There are lots of great hints and tips in there but the videos are not particularly easy to follow if you are starting out. The videos are generally over 1 hour long, contain promotions for new packs and activities, do not always stay on topic, and because they are live and spontaneous do not always give you the best methods, and often they show you kode only to correct it later in the video because it doesn’t work correctly. I have listed the Education Stream videos generally as Intermediate, though I have not sat through them, and they may touch on expert level koding or basic level koding randomly throughout.

If you believe a video or written tutorial has been misfiled or given a wrong level of competency then please leave a comment on the page of the video.

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