1 Year Anniversary

This website has been up for a whole year! So Happy Birthday to us! What has happened in a year of Project Spark? Well, the School of Kode website was brought back and improved with over 500 tutorials, an encyclopedia of brain tiles, props and pre-made brains. The archive of Project Spark Community levels has... Continue Reading →

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Sep 2018

What happened on the site in August 2018 and what is planned for September

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Special Effects E

  Tile Name Description Type Sound Electric Burst Electric sparks, plasma and rock debris One shot Elemental Electric Burst Electric Current- Root Rotating plasma ball with a rising column of electricity Loop Elemental Electric Current Loop Electric Current - A A column of electricity plasma of two or three strands Loop Elemental Electricity Arc Buzz... Continue Reading →

Game Mechanic Breakdown: Lego

A good way of developing your Project Spark koding skills is to try to recreate game mechanics from AAA games. You can then use these game mechanics to create your own games. Here is the breakdown of game mechanics from the Lego games by Travellers Tales. Collectable tokens fly towards you In Lego you collect... Continue Reading →

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