Project Spark in 2019

Happy New Year everyone. It is going to be an interesting year for Project Spark as this year sees the release of PlayStation's creative game Dreams. Many Sparkers are already on the Beta, and it is likely to take away some players, maybe permanently. However, Dreams may not be gloom and doom for Project Spark.... Continue Reading →

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A Year of Inspiration

Inspired by Inktober and their daily prompt list I am going to issue a 12 month theme list for creatives to inspire them to make things in  Project Spark, Dreams and any other creative program of their choice. This is the list for 2019. To take part make a clip and post to the Project... Continue Reading →

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Known Bugs

Help me make this list. Post your known bugs in the comments below. The Start up Slowdown This bug is for Xbox One users. When you load Project Spark for the first time in any session, the game stops and starts every few seconds. It may be impossible to activate any buttons. To fix quit... Continue Reading →

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Sound Effects: Voices (Haakon)

The following sounds are for Haakon the Knight (Male UK) Voice Haakon Acquire Item (random choice of 2) "This should help us along" "Sigurd can't hold that but I'll use it" Voice Haakon Attack ("Attack") Voice Haakon Boss Defeated (random choice of 3) "Justice has been served" "Their reign of terror is over" "That couldn't... Continue Reading →

Changes for 2019 on the site

This year will see a slowdown of changes to this website and the archive. The Archive As new stuff is not being uploaded to YouTube, and I have exhausted most of the videos showing clips of Project Spark there will be a lot less added to the site this year than previous. Let me know... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Vehicles

This selection are of files suitable for using as engine noises. Fire Magic Whirl Loop ⇔(Helicopter) Fire Thruster Small Active Loop ⇔ (Rockets) Magic Arcane Torrent Active Loop ⇔ (Engine sound) BUGGED. Do not use Magic Arcane Torrent Active Loop 02 ⇔ (Engine sound) BUGGED. Do not use Magic Arcane Torrent Travel Loop 01 ⇔ (Engine sound) Magic... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Music

This selection is of the music files and instruments available. Music Loops ⇔ Instrumental Beat 01 (Electronic, Disco, Dance, Upbeat)⇔ Instrumental Beat 02 (Electronic, Industrial, Serious)⇔ Instrumental Beat 03 (Electronic, Funk, Dance, Upbeat)⇔ Instrumental Beat 04 (Electronic, Mysterious, Upbeat)⇔ Music Action BGM Loop (Piano, Orchestra, Fighting, Frantic, Fear) Music Adventure Boss Loop (Drums, Orchestra, Fighting, Epic)... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: The Elements

This selection represents sounds of the earth being moved, fire crackling and water flowing (wind can be found under atmosphere and weather) Earth Material Dirt Debris Loop ⇔ Material Dirt Debris Small ⇒ Material Leaves Rustle Loop ⇔ Material Plant Die ⇒ Material Plant Grow ⇒ Material rock Debris Large ⇒ Material Rock Debris Loop ⇔ Material Rock Debris Medium ⇒ Material Rock... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Terrain Tool Brush Sounds

This selection can be heard when you apply textures or grow and erode land. Biome Paint Terrain Brick Shingle Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Dirt Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Earth Scorched Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Foliage Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Grass Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Ice Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Metal Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Rock... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Fireworks

This selection is a specific style of explosion suitable to accompany firework visual effects. Explosion Fireworks Jumping Jacks ⇔ Fire Magic Energy Loop ⇔ Fire Magic Flare Up ⇒ Fire Magic Large Explosion ⇒ Fire Magic Launch ⇒ Fire Magic Whirl Start ⇒ Fire Magic Whirl Stop ⇒ Fireworks Candle Explosion ⇒ Fireworks Candle Flash ⇔ Fireworks Explosion A ⇒ Fireworks Explosion B ⇒ Fireworks Explosion... Continue Reading →

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