November 2018

What happened in October and plans for November 2018

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Known Bugs

Help me make this list. Post your known bugs in the comments below. The Start up Slowdown This bug is for Xbox One users. When you load Project Spark for the first time in any session, the game stops and starts every few seconds. It may be impossible to activate any buttons. To fix quit... Continue Reading →

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Special Effects: Fire and Smoke

Fire Berserk Loop (magical fire) Berserk Start (magical fire) Block Success (Plasma torch style sparks) Burning Aura Candle Flame Embers subtle Fire Breath Fire Emitter Fire Explosion Fire Orb Fire Patch Fireball Fireball Impact Flame Aura Magic Embers Muzzle Blast Muzzle Fire Short Fuse Spark Emitter Sparkle Falling Sparks Emitter - Strong Thruster - Small... Continue Reading →

Special Effects: W

Tile Name Description Type Sound Waterfall Cascade of water Loop None Waterfall Impact Ripples of water with rising bubbles Loop None Weapon Trail - Nature Invisible when stationary. Trail of light Loop None Weapon Trail - Spirit same as above (a bit brighter) Loop None Will-O-Wisp Throbbing starburst with internal light explosion Loop None Wood... Continue Reading →

Special Effects: Explosions

One Shot Effects Arcane Charge Up Arcane Explosion Arcane Spell Cast Arcane Teleport Berserk Start Block Impact Cannon Smoke Cannonball Impact Cash Burst Confetti Burst Dark Energy Burst Death Impact Desert Stone Explosion Destroy Foe Destroy Hero Destroy Prop Dirt Kickup Dirt Land Large Dirt Land Small Dirt Plume Double jump Dust ring Dust trail... Continue Reading →

Special Effects: Weather and Airborne Effects

Ambient Cloud A Ambient Cloud B Asteroid Dust Blizzard Blowing Debris Breeze Bubbles Bubbles Area CQ Cinematic Void Storm Confetti Loop Desert Fog Dragon's Roar Falling Leaves Falling Rocks Fan Breeze Fireflies Graveyard Fog Leaves Kick Up Light Beam Plushy Stuffing Impact Pod Pollen Poison Cloud Pollen Rain Rainbow Trail Sandfall Sandstorm Shock Aura Sleep... Continue Reading →

Special Effects: Projectiles

Arcane Missile Astro Blaster Projectile Astro Pistol Projectile Dark Energy Projectile Druid Projectile Energy Blaze Energy Projectile Energy Rail Energy Trail Fire Orb Fireball Fireworks Candle Projectile Fireworks Flare Ghostly Orb Kodian Blaster Projectile Laser Cannon Charge Laser Cannon Projectile Laser Rifle Projectile Nature Projectile Projectile Trail Spark - Aggressive Undead - Projectile Void Aura... Continue Reading →

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