Change of Domain at End of Year

I have no plans for taking down this resource for those who need it, but I will be cancelling my domain name on 17 Dec 2021. After that date you can access this site from the domain So you may like to alter any shortcuts in your browser to the WordPress address. Please... Continue Reading →

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Spark finally dies

As of 1 March 2020 it appears a licensing issue has finally stopped easy access to the Project Spark game, and although some people are finding ways round it by ensuring that they are offline before accessing the game and tapping the A button really - this is not really sustainable and most people are... Continue Reading →

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Known Bugs

Help me make this list. Post your known bugs in the comments below. The Start up Slowdown This bug is for Xbox One users. When you load Project Spark for the first time in any session, the game stops and starts every few seconds. It may be impossible to activate any buttons. To fix quit... Continue Reading →

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Sound Effects: Voice Scarlett

Female voice, American Voice Scarlett Acquire Item Any advantage helps I can use this Voice Scarlett Attack "Attack" Voice Scarlett Boss Defeated It will be a little safer around here now Justice has been served The bigger they are the more dust they kick up Voice Scarlett Compliment "Good" Voice Scarlett Decline¬† "I cant do... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voice Karlsnor

Voice Karlsnor Acquire Item (random choice of 2) What am I supposed to do with that? Uhhuh This will come in handy Voice Karlsnor Attack ("Attack") Voice Karlsnor Boss Defeated (random choice of 2) Grrr I win Stay down chum Knock Knock, Bam Hahaha Voice Karlsnor Compliment ("Yeh, Nuuuh") Voice Karlsnor Decline (" I won't... Continue Reading →

Will Microsoft bring back Project Spark?

If you think that somewhere in the archives of Microsoft there is a server or collection of servers that contain all the amazing community creations from Project Spark, and that somehow they might one day feel generous and turn them back on I think you are delusional. Those servers were re-purposed a long time ago.... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voices (Haakon)

The following sounds are for Haakon the Knight (Male UK) Voice Haakon Acquire Item (random choice of 2) "This should help us along" "Sigurd can't hold that but I'll use it" Voice Haakon Attack ("Attack") Voice Haakon Boss Defeated (random choice of 3) "Justice has been served" "Their reign of terror is over" "That couldn't... Continue Reading →

Changes for 2019 on the site

This year will see a slowdown of changes to this website and the archive. The Archive As new stuff is not being uploaded to YouTube, and I have exhausted most of the videos showing clips of Project Spark there will be a lot less added to the site this year than previous. Let me know... Continue Reading →

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