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paperclip traffic light - Edited


penicon My first book of Kode by LadylexUK

youtube-256 In-game Project Spark Tutorial (Beta Version) by CrashTestBrit

youtube-256Project Spark Absolute Basics by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Project Spark Tutorial Series by PixelTwitch
youtube-256Brains & Kode by Project Spark
youtube-2561 min tips from Team Dakota by Project Spark (Playlist)
youtube-256Intro to Project Spark (Tutorial #1)by Project Spark
youtube-256Brains & Kode (Tutorial #4) by Project Spark
youtube-256Lesson 1: Kode Concept by Invisibledoogey
youtube-256Learn Spark in 13 Minutes (Create Mode) by Invisibledoogey
youtube-256Learn Kode in 13 minute (Brains) by Invisibledoogey
youtube-256Understanding Kode for those who have never coded by Invisibledoogey
youtube-256Some General Programming Tips by
youtube-256How to create a character and use a chest by KoriDaAwesome


youtube-256 Prop mode (Tutorial #3) by Project Spark

World Design

youtube-256Sculpting and Painting by Project Spark
youtube-256Getting Started: Create Mode by Project Spark
youtube-256Sculpting and Painting (Tutorial #2) by Project Spark
youtube-256 Lets Build a World #1-#11 by ConflictNerd

Game design

youtube-256How to Create Games in Project Spark by Mescad


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