Project Spark was a game making title from Microsoft, the only title from a newly formed team of developers called Team Dakota. Announced at E3 2013 the game launched its Open Beta in March 2014. It allowed ordinary gamers on PC and Xbox One to create their own games for free, with the option to buy additional props and tools. It launched in Oct 2014 and went completely free with all micro-transactions removed in October 2015. Gamers could post up their creations to the cloud for others to play and remix. The community posted up roughly a quarter of a million levels. In August 2016, 22 months after launch, they closed down the community servers, so no one could play anyone else’s games. The massive collection of creativity was gone. They were gone…but not forgotten.

This is an unofficial website with licence approval from Team Dakota dedicated to providing tutorials for the Xbox and PC game Project Spark. It contains material from schoolofkode.com (which ran from 2015-2016), projectspark.com forums (which closed in 2016) and YouTube. I am also adding brand new tutorials never before seen. Huge thanks to all contributors to any of these places for adding to the Project Spark knowledge pool.

Microsoft took down the live servers for Project Spark in Aug 2016 and the game is no longer supported, so any bugs in the game will not be fixed, you cannot share or play games in the community section, and multiplayer no longer works. However you can still make games for your own pleasure and those of your local friends, and you can share by video and screenshot online (Xbox Clubs, Social Media, YouTube etc).

Please comment on the Requests page if you want a specific tutorial. Not guaranteed, but I will do my best.

The site also links to the Project Spark Video Archive. This is a catalogue of YouTube videos made by various contributors. It is in many cases the only proof of existence for a particular game. If you have any games that are missing from this archive and you can make a YouTube video of it then please do so and leave a response on the forum.

The forum is a separate site which you will need to register for to use. I will not use your email address for any marketing, and I will not sell that information on to third parties. There is advertising on all the sites. I receive no revenue from these ads as I am using free software to run this community service.

When you load Project Spark on Xbox One you may find that it pauses every 3 seconds, making it unplayable. Just close it down and open it up again. It will now work. You will probably have to do this every time you want to use Project Spark.

I have not viewed or tested every tutorial that appears on this website. Some tutorials may contain language that you may find offensive. Some tutorials may be poor in quality or not work at all. Please feel free to comment on the page if you see anything untoward. I will review and test any tutorial that is flagged up by the community as being faulty or offensive. I may remove tutorials at any time.


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