Changes for 2019 on the site

This year will see a slowdown of changes to this website and the archive.

The Archive

As new stuff is not being uploaded to YouTube, and I have exhausted most of the videos showing clips of Project Spark there will be a lot less added to the site this year than previous. Let me know if you have a game level that is on YouTube but not featured in the Archive so I can add it. However generally I will say that the archive is now complete.

The Tutorial Site

I will still be adding to this, but probably at a slower rate because I am now maintaining 3 websites instead of 2 with the introduction of Dreams for the PS4. If you have any requests though I will try to help you out, as long as you understand you may not get an instant response. It is likely that once Dreams is fully launched I will cease creating on Project Spark altogether. This website will therefore be the only access to tutorial information that I can provide.




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