Weaponry and Combat


paperclip traffic light - EditedBasic

peniconChanging weapon sounds by LadylexUK
peniconBasic Tutorials on Weapons and Ammo by LadylexUK
youtube-256Portal gun (pick up objects) by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Sheathing and equipping weapons by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Explosives by Mescad
youtube-256Remapping buttons to individual weapon attacks by Mescad
youtube-256Creating Custom weapons by Mescad
youtube-256Exploding Arrows by Mescad
peniconControlling how far a projectile can travel by LadylexUK
peniconTiming, amount and longevity of fireballs by LadylexUK
peniconExplosive barrel with a delay fuse by LadylexUK
peniconAssigning damage based on the weapon by LadylexUK
peniconHoming projectiles by EvangelicPort5
peniconBasic Tutorials about Grenades by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Dual Wielding Pistols by StringierKhan4
youtube-256 Controller vibration by LadylexUK

paperclip traffic light2 - EditedIntermediate

peniconAssigning damage by weapon by LadylexUK
youtube-256Recharging missile burst weapon by Seris Taclys
youtube-256 Autonomous attacking drone by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Homing projectiles by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Shooter Scoring by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Custom guns and properties by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Ammo reduction, reloading, and storing ammo by Mescad
youtube-256Wearing swords when not equipped by Mescad
youtube-256Terrain destroying projectiles by Mescad
youtube-256Rocket launchers, Shot Guns, Gravity Guns (Education Stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256Weapon Durability by Mescad
youtube-256Area Damage by Mescad
youtube-256Stuck Arrows by Mescad
youtube-256RPG #13 Ice Spell by Project Spark
peniconFiery Sword with Damage over time by LadylexUK
peniconBullet time and world pace by killenjoke
penicon Limited Ammo and Ammo Drops by LadylexUK
penicon Emergency Ammo Crate by LadylexUK
penicon Fire arrows by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Firework cannon by Malletspace
youtube-256 Rolling Axe Weapon by HadOne2Many
youtube-256 Telekinesis and thrown swords by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Bubble weapon by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Grenades, C4 and Flashbangs (Ghost Recon) by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Custom weapons (flaming sword) by MrDivineRapture
youtube-256 Arrows and Platforms by LadylexUK


paperclip traffic light - EditedBasic

youtube-256Bosses: Easy AI by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Attack in place without moving by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Bosses: Teleportation attack and multi directional shooting by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Bosses: Phases (Changing/evolving skills) by Seris Taclys
youtube-256Tracking Kill Counts by Mescad
youtube-256Combo Moves by Mescad
youtube-256Preventing multiple in-air attacks by Mescad
youtube-256Selecting Targets by Mescad
youtube-256Display Damage to Enemy by Mescad
youtube-256Target lock by Mescad
youtube-256Charged attacks by Mescad
youtube-256Damage over Time by Mescad
peniconEnemy only attacks under certain conditions by LadylexUK
youtube-256Slam attack by InvisibleDoogey
peniconSimple Kill Score System by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Blood Splatter Effect on Weapon and Player by HadOne2Many
youtube-256 Attack Damage to Health by LadylexUK

penicon Koding Konversation: Casting spells towards a target

paperclip traffic light2 - EditedIntermediate

youtube-256Improved combat and multi button combos by Seris Taclys
youtube-256 Destiny-style supercharge by Seris Taclys
Fighter game – finishing moves by Mescad
youtube-256Terrain deforming pound attack by Mescad
youtube-256Turn Based Combat by Mescad
youtube-256RPG Battle encounter by Mescad
peniconSet up a cooldown bar by Arty
penicon Head Shots by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Ground Attack by HadOne2Many
youtube-256 Charged Projectile Attacks with Mana Bar by HadOne2Many
penicon Koding Konversation: Turn based battles (JRPG)

youtube-256 Weapon Type and Enemy Damage by LadylexUK

paperclip traffic light3 - Edited Advanced/Expert

youtube-256Turn Based Combat by Seris Taclys
penicon Koding Konversation: Sword wielding wolf

peniconKoding Konversation: Health and Damage Scaling

penicon Koding Konversation: Pokemon battle/capture system



paperclip traffic light - Edited Basic

youtube-256Shield Mechanics by Mescad
youtube-256Energy Shield by Mescad

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