Known Bugs

Help me make this list. Post your known bugs in the comments below.

The Start up Slowdown
This bug is for Xbox One users. When you load Project Spark for the first time in any session, the game stops and starts every few seconds. It may be impossible to activate any buttons. To fix quit the game and relaunch. PC users are reporting the same issue but I do not know if the restarting method works for them. Another suggestion is to disconnect the internet so the game launches in offline mode. I do not know if this fix works. Please let me know in the comments if any of this works for you.

The First Person Phantom Footsteps
When you use a first person camera, you can hear and see footsteps even when the player is not moving. Workaround solution.

Giant Ghost bug
In create mode you may see a flickering large version of character models appearing. This occurs when you add attachments and glued objects to a character. It is only visible in create mode and although annoying should not interfere with any game in play mode.

Super Persistent Sound Bug
If you place this effect or this sound effect in your world it creates a permanent sound effect that cannot be removed in build or play mode and persists even into the main menus and other levels. Only way to remove is to quit Project Spark. Only solution is not to use it at all.
Affected effects: Jump Pack Thruster

Persistent Sound Bug
If you place this prop (with power on), effect or sound effect in your world the sound will persist in your session even if the prop is destroyed or the kode turns off the sound, in build and create mode. Quit the level to stop the sound. Only solution is to not use it at all.
Affected effects: Flame Candle Idle, Magic Arcane Torrent Active Loop (&02)

Failure to Load
Occasionally you may find that Project Spark fails to load (most frequently during the loading stage when it looks for synching and updates). If Project Spark fails to load after a reasonable amount of time, quit and try again. It is probably caused by the turn off of the servers which is not recognised by the system 100% of the time, and so it continues to attempt to connect rather than go into offline mode.

Occasionally the Pitch Black Sky works incorrectly and gives you a reverse of the effect (i.e. everything is brilliant white and the colors are inverted). It can be solved by restarting the level.

Missing Props and Effects
The following props are not available in the gallery. The list is not necessarily exhaustive as there is no available list of all props that I can check against. These are the ones I know about. They were not implemented by Team Dakota to be available in offline mode in Update 16 (presumably a time saving action for the development team) so when the servers turned off these props went as well. This mostly affected the Noxious Bog Biome, Goblin Warlord, Rat model and the Treasure Trove specials. If you have used any of the props in a level you have saved you can save them as assemblies to use them in other levels. Terrain tiles can only be used in the level that you saved. You can however use “save as” to make duplicates of any saved level using the terrain and then redesign.


  • Animal Rug
  • Beehive
  • Bog Lily Pad A
  • Bog Lily Pad B
  • Bog Moss Root A
  • Bog Moss Root B
  • Bog Moss Root C
  • Bog Mushroom Tall A
  • Bog  Mushroom Tall B
  • Bog Mushroom Tall C
  • Bog Mushroom A
  • Bog Mushroom B
  • Bog Mushroom C
  • Bog Plant A
  • Bog Plant B
  • Bog Root A
  • Bog Root B
  • Bog Tree A
  • Bog Tree B
  • Bog Tree C
  • Bog Tree D
  • Bog Tree Branch
  • Bog Vine A
  • Bog Vine B
  • Creature Rib Cage
  • Dangling Moss
  • Detached Rib
  • Flag (without a pole)
  • Ginger Root
  • Glow Fungus
  • Glow Stalks
  • Goblin War Banner
  • Hanging Moss A
  • Hanging Moss B
  • Hollow Log
  • Moss Flotilla A
  • Moss Flotilla B
  • Moss Flotilla C
  • Pitcher Plant A
  • Pitcher Plant B
  • Root Ball A
  • Root Ball B
  • Rustic Chair Reinforced
  • Rustic Table Reinforced
  • Spiked Melon
  • Spore Plant
  • Warlord Helmet


  • Bogbill Bird
  • Goblin Warlord
  • Horned Lizard
  • Piranha
  • Rat

Sound Effects

  • Ambience Bog Calm Loop
  • Ambience Bog Lively Loop
  • Ambience Water Lake Loop
  • Bog Gas Loop
  • Bog Piranha Chomp
  • Bog Piranha Chomping Loop
  • Bogbill Bird Attack
  • Bogbill Bird Death
  • Bogbill Bird Greeting Call
  • Bogbill Bird Hit React
  • Bogbill Bird Warning Call
  • Horned Lizard Attack
  • Horned Lizard Death
  • Horned Lizard Greeting Call
  • Horned Lizard Ht React
  • Horned Lizard Warning Call
  • Insect Swarm Loop
  • Ooze Bubbling Loop
  • Ooze Drip
  • Ooze Splat
  • Rat Squeak
  • Spore Burst
  • Spore Emitter Loop

Visual Effects

  • Bog Bubbling Ooze
  • Bog Floating Slime
  • Bog Fog
  • Bog Slime Drip
  • Bog Slime Splash
  • Bog Spore Burst
  • Bog Spore Emitter
  • Bog Spores
  • Bog Spores – Drifting
  • Bog Swamp Gas
  • Insect Swarm
  • Insects


  • Bog Mushroom
  • Bog Trees
  • Bog Plants
  • Bog Root Arch A
  • Bog Root Arch B
  • Bog Root Arch C

Terrain and Sky

  • Boggy Swamp
  • Bog Plains
  • Bog Coast
  • Bog Peak
  • Bog Path
  • Bog Sky




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  1. With the bug of the constant stop helps the restart of the game. I think the bug is associated with changes in the Diretix API. Are there the updates of the game after closing?


  2. In addition, I have in one project if in the project selection menu click to play, when you first start the game, the problem is covered with lighting and load textures. After restart game see normal


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