Prop and Prop Brain Design

paperclip traffic light - Edited Basic

youtube-256Standing torch by PixelTwitch
youtube-256Fun Coin Dropper by Seris Taclys
peniconBeginners: Doors by LadylexUK
youtube-256Attaching props to moving parts by Mescad
youtube-256Using dead characters as props by Mescad
youtube-256Locked Chest by Mescad
peniconTutorials about Treasure Chests by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Quick Coloring Tip (HSVA Color Mode) by Steampunk Raygun
penicon Prop Count and how to work with it by LadylexUK
penicon Automatic and Manual Torches by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Using Frame Countdown To Make a Door Open and Close by Logical Gaming
youtube-256 Night Owl and Full Moon Howl DLC by Steampunk Raygun
youtube-256 Keys to the Castle DLC by Steampunk Raygun
youtube-256 Haunted Cornfield DLC Challenge by Steampunk Raygun & LadylexUK
youtube-256 Expanding number of biome props using recolorisation by Steampunk Raygun
 See-through windows you can open and smash by LadylexUK
youtube-256 How to make statues from characters by StringierKhan
youtube-256 Plant movement in wind or water by LadylexUK
youtube-256 Prop Counts and Limits by LadylexUK

paperclip traffic light2 - EditedIntermediate

youtube-256Combination lock by Mescad
youtube-256Conker Mechanics (Education Stream) by Project Spark
youtube-256Powering Created Objects by Mescad
peniconAcid Bucket Door Trap by LadylexUK
penicon Vending Machine by LadylexUK

youtube-256 Randomised weapon chest (mystery box) by LadylexUK

youtube-256 Removable hats by LadylexUK

youtube-256 Elevators by LadylexUK

paperclip traffic light3 - Edited Advanced/Expert

penicon Easing Animations and Tweening by ST AAbra

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