Ghost effects

Created by: LadylexUK

Some ideas on how to make ghosts for your game.

Sadly, there is no setting to make your characters transparent so that you can create ghosts. There are various options on effects however that can simulate a ghost visual.

Simple coloring
Make your character, all clothing, all color channels, white. Make them non collidable and voila. You can use the color settings in brain kode or go into the character studio.

Hologram effect
Does not really make your character a hologram, more of an increased brightness setting. Add this kode

WHEN DO [colvar:hologramcolor][=][white]
WHEN DO [hologram][colvar:hologramcolor]

Experiment with colors to get different effects.

Fake transparency
By toggling the visibility of your character you can create a transparent effect. Unfortunately this does flicker so it looks like a hologram more than a ghost, but with some special fx it can look quite effective, especially in the dark.

Set the character collision to off.

  1. WHEN DO [solid color][equals][gray]
  2. WHEN DO [colvar:highlight][equals][white]
  3. WHEN DO [highlight][strength][2][colvar:highlight]
  4. WHEN DO [cast shadow][equals][false]
  5. WHEN [countdown timer][0][loop][in frames] DO [toggle][visible]

Alternative option (makes it slightly less rhythmic flashing)

  1. WHEN DO [solid color][equals][blue]
  2. WHEN DO [cast shadow][equals][false]
  3. WHEN DO [numvar:rand][equals][random number][0][to][2]
  4. WHEN DO [countdown timer][numvar:rand][loop][in frames]  DO [toggle][visible]

Special fx
You can surround your character with a ghostly mist, or place some clouds at their feet to add spookiness. Turn visibility off to just show the special effect – it wont be human shaped though.

Highlight only
Be aware that highlight only works on visible objects so sadly you cannot highlight and turn the object invisible. The only way I know of to get an outline effect is to use purgatory sky, but then all objects will look like that, and not just your ghost. Experiment with highlight color and strength for interesting effects.

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