Arsonist goblin

By LadylexUK
Copied from Project

Arsonist Goblin

Make a goblin and attach a flaming torch to his hand

In the goblins brain

DO [my enemy][=][IWP: the building target]
DO [move][toward][my enemy]
WHEN [distance to][my enemy][<]3
…When [duration timer][1] DO [turn][away from][my enemy]
…DO [booleanvar:fire][=][true]
WHEN [fire[=][true] DO {move][at speed][3][away from][my enemy]
…DO [move toward][IWP: where you want him to run to]

In the building brain

WHEN [IWP:arsonist goblin][fire][=][true]
…[duration timer][40]
…/…[play fx][fire patch][on][me][scale][3]

What will happen is the goblin will run up to the building with a flaming torch, turn then run off. The building will catch fire, and burn for 40 seconds. A good effect on the building would be to change its primary colour to black after the 40 seconds is up, so it looks burnt.

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