Bomber Goblin

By LadylexUK
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Bomber Goblin

Create a goblin and attach a bomb to his hand (I used a small black cube)

Create the item you want to blow up and attach a copy of the bomb to it (make it invisible) Lets call the bomb “target”

In the Bomber goblin’s brain

DO [objvar:my enemy] [=][iwp: target]
DO [move][with strafing][toward][my enemy]
WHEN [distance to][my enemy][<][2]
…WHEN [once][duration timer][1] DO [turn][away from][my enemy]
…DO[booleanvar:bomb planted] [=][true]
…[IWP:the bomb in his hand][visible][=][false]
WHEN [bomb planted][=][true] DO [move [at speed][3][away from][my enemy]
…DO[move][toward][IWP: where you want it to escape to]

In the target brain

WHEN [IWP:the bomb in goblins hand][visible][=][false]
WHEN [countdown timer][5] DO [play fx][stone explosion]
…WHEN [countdown timer][0.15] DO [destroy][IWP the object you want to blow up]
…DO [play sound][Explosion][everywhere][volume][100]
WHEN [countdown timer] DO [destroy]

What will happen is the goblin will run up to the target, plant his bomb, turn and run away fast. Then the bomb will explode and the object and the bomb is destroyed

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