Changing sounds

By LadylexUK


There are a lot of sound effects associated with props, character animation and emotes. Sometimes the sounds that are made are not useful to you and you may want to change them.  Here is how to change sounds to your own choices. I have shown the kode for characters but the same principle also works in weapons and props.

Character sounds

Take your character and in properties reduce the Max Fade Distance in the Sound section to 1 and the Volume to 0. This will turn off:

weapon swinging sounds
jumping sounds
walking sounds
emote sounds

To add them back in attach a logic cube to the player and use this kode

WHEN [started to][owner][jumping] DO [play sound][sound:your choice][at][owner][head][position][overlapping]

swing of blade/punch
WHEN [started to][owner][attacking][swing] DO [play sound][sound:your choice][at][owner][right][hand][position][overlapping]

swing of blade only (punch swing is silent)
WHEN [started to][owner][attacking][swing]
…WHEN [owner][equioment] DO [objvar:equipment][equals][it]
…WHEN [objvar:equipment][is melee weapon] DO [play sound][sound:your choice][at][owner][right][hand][position][overlapping]

WHEN [owner][moving][and][owner][on ground]
…WHEN [countdown timer][0.5][loop][trigger on start] DO [play sound][sound:Footstep Avatar][at][owner][position]

emote sounds
In character brain
WHEN [once] DO [emote][cheer]
…WHEN DO [boolvar:cheer][equals][true]
…WHEN [else] DO [boolvar:cheer][equals][false]

In logic cube

WHEN [owner][cheer] DO [play sound][sound:your choice][at][owner][head][position]


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