Kode wheel segment Create
Style Specialised
Modifiers toward / at position
Primarily WHEN/DO DO
Pre-made brains that use it Unknown

Create > create


This tile is used to create an object in-game (also known as spawn). You can create an object from a gallery, using IWP to make a copy of an existing item (either templated or not), or use an object variable. 1

Important to note that if you use create without a limiter on the WHEN side, such as [once] or [for each of] the game will create 30 objects a second. This will cause your game to slow, cease up, and can crash your game or prevent you from getting back to edit mode.

All objects are created in their default orientation, facing South.

See Tutorial on Create position and orientation.

Example Code

WHEN [once] DO [create][goblin][at position][position]


towards: Paired with another object using IWP  or a direction, this will create your object with its forward facing vector looking towards your specified object. See Tutorial on Create position and orientation.

at position: Paired with a vector variable, position or IWP object. This will create the object at that position. See Tutorial on Create position and orientation.

Other Uses

As well as creating single objects the create tile is used to create multiple spawners. See Tutorial on Spawning Multiple objects and Characters.


  1. If you use an object variable to specify the object to be created, that object must exist in your world, and cannot be a gallery item. Use IWP on a templated object to define your variable.

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