Koding Konversation: Health and Damage Scaling

This conversation was posted to the Project Spark forum and is recovered using The Wayback Machine Date: April 4 2016 Original Post vKILLZONEv: I was wondering what methods some of you guys use to scale the attack damage/health. My system is pretty basic and really too linear. Responses Brasten: System mechanics! Now these are always an interesting... Continue Reading →

Koding Konversation: Opening doors into buildings

A conversation was posted to the Project Spark forum, recovered using The Wayback Machine Date: April 18 2016 Original Post SimilarAsh4428: Hey guys, me again. So I'm working on my game and I want the character to go into a house (or appear that he is) and I'm not sure how to do that. Is it... Continue Reading →

Changing sounds

By LadylexUK   There are a lot of sound effects associated with props, character animation and emotes. Sometimes the sounds that are made are not useful to you and you may want to change them.  Here is how to change sounds to your own choices. I have shown the kode for characters but the same... Continue Reading →

Using Animation Techniques

By LadylexUK You can create unique looking characters, talking statues, 8 bit style animation and much more if you use the visibility tile combined with a number variable. Using the basics of animation you can show fixed images in sequence to create the illusion of moment. First you need to understand that Project Spark runs... Continue Reading →

Wind jumping (similar to Never Alone)

By LadylexUK Level: Intermediate Type: Character skills There is a game mechanic in Never Alone (a side scrolling platformer with a child and a fox) where your player can jump across wider gaps if the wind is blowing, and in the correct direction. The wind appears on a timed loop and you need to time... Continue Reading →

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