Changing Colors (Colours) using Kode

By LadylexUK Changing the color of an object while in a game can be very easy, difficult or impossible depending on the object in question. Objects with more than 3 color channels can be difficult to color the way you would want as some channels cannot be changed while others are linked together so you... Continue Reading →

Koding Konversation: Display enemy health bar

Date: Jan 17 2016 Level: Basic Type: Character skills/ Health XP and Levelling A conversation about how to display a health bar above an enemy's head resulted in this kode from ThisisnotheNSA In player brain WHEN [For Each Of] [Detect] [Enemies] DO [Display Meter] [It] [Max Health] [Above] [It]

Ice and Sliding Players

By LadylexUK There was an enquiry how to create a sliding on ice effect that is seen in Undertale. When the player hits an icy patch they are slid forward to the end of it. We have various icy paints we can use to prettify our worlds but our players do not act as if... Continue Reading →

Koding Konversation: Using Vectors

This is a complex area of Project Spark koding but probably vital if you want to do anything regarding object positioning, screen display or object movement. The following information was posted to the Project Spark Forum. I have amended it to include the standard kode shorthand used in this website, and edited the conversation to... Continue Reading →

Koding Konversation: Icon numbers

Mindcraft Max posted that you could use a number reference instead of the icon from the gallery, and also posted some kode that gave you the icons image number. I have no idea what practical use this might have in Project Spark but some of you may find this interesting. To display an icon using... Continue Reading →

Koding Konversation: Inverted Movement Controls

This was a conversation posted to Project Spark forum and recovered by The Wayback Machine. This was discussed on the forum and two solutions were put forward. The conversation got so argumentative and unpleasant  I am not going to post it here. Lucid Stew's solution WHEN [left stick] DO [in direction][left stick] seemed to work,... Continue Reading →

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