Koding Konversation: Opening doors into buildings

A conversation was posted to the Project Spark forum, recovered using The Wayback Machine Date: April 18 2016 Original Post SimilarAsh4428: Hey guys, me again. So I'm working on my game and I want the character to go into a house (or appear that he is) and I'm not sure how to do that. Is it... Continue Reading →

Interiors and walking into rooms

By LadylexUK Something that Spark was never very good at and that was interiors. Just look at the props list and you will see that Team Dakota's main focus was exteriors. There are 67 rocks and only 6 items of furniture. There are endless options for grass and sand and mud, but no carpets. They... Continue Reading →

Create Mode: Controller buttons

By SparkBrian Create Mode UI (Controller Config) Right Trigger places props in prop mode. Left Trigger snaps an object to the ground in prop mode. Holding Left Bumper brings up menu wheel and scale option. (for props it gives additional menu options: Y = Brain, X = Delete, B = Character Studio, A = Edit)... Continue Reading →

Lets Build a World #1-#11

Created: 2014 Creator: Conflict Nerd Length: various Type: Starter Guide / World Design Watch ConflictNerd build his fantasy landscape. No brain kode just building with standard props and tools. #1 Builds a town square #2  Builds a boat dock #3 Landscapes around the island and more buildings #4 Builds a flower farm #5 Adds  more... Continue Reading →

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