Koding Konversation: Turn based battles (JRPG)

This conversation took place on the Project Spark forum, recovered from The Wayback Machine Date: 4 May 2016 OP: The sh0tgun d0g:¬†Hi everyone I'm still new to spark only been on for about a month never knew it existed till then, wish I had discovered it sooner considering how much I could have done by... Continue Reading →

Koding Konversation: Sword wielding wolf

This conversation is taken from the Project Spark Forum via The Wayback Machine Date: 8 May 2016 OP: The Sh0tgun D0g Okay basically in my RPG I'm making a wolf as the main char. One that has the capability of wielding a sword. My question is I have the sword in his mouth (the hilt... Continue Reading →

Chargeable weapons

By LadylexUK In many action titles your character may have a chargeable weapon that unleashes a formidable attack on your opponent. For example,in Destiny you have a super weapon that is only available after you have collected a certain amount of xp from killing enemies and it is only available for a short period or... Continue Reading →

Dual Wielding Pistols

Creator: StringierKhan Created: Sep 2017 Length: 3:25 Level: Basic Type: Weapons and Combat This tutorial shows you how to fake a dual wielding mechanic by attaching a gun to the players left hand. Guns do not independently fire, but you could have separate controls for this so that they could. https://youtu.be/7_CydyYtuYU

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