Koding Konversation: Pokemon battle/capture system

Recreated from the Project Spark Forum using The Wayback Machine Date: OP 10 Nov 2014 Original Post  Reapers Nytmare Hey everyone, I've been playing PS for a few weeks now and I think I'm getting the hang of Koding and I'm trying to make a game similar to Pokemon in the battle and capture sense.... Continue Reading →

Koding Konversation: Health and Damage Scaling

This conversation was posted to the Project Spark forum and is recovered using The Wayback Machine Date: April 4 2016 Original Post vKILLZONEv: I was wondering what methods some of you guys use to scale the attack damage/health. My system is pretty basic and really too linear. Responses Brasten: System mechanics! Now these are always an interesting... Continue Reading →

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