Sound Effects: Hits

This selection is for hitting sounds such as metal or wood hitting another object. Mostly used for combat or interaction. Astro Crate Close ⇒ Astro Crate Open ⇒ Astro Pistol Shoot ⇒ Biome Object Spawn Ice Large ⇒ Biome Object Spawn Ice Small ⇒ Biome Object Spawn Rock Small ⇒ Cartoon Baseball Bat Crack ⇒ Cartoon Frying Pan Dong ⇒ Cartoon Prop... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Hums

Mostly loop sound effects of humming sounds. Can be used as ambient sounds or machinery or activated tools and equipment. Magic Energy Hum Loop ⇔ Magic Energy Tonal Loop ⇔ Magic Light Pulse Small Loop ⇔ Magic Mana Sphere Activate Loop ⇔ Magic Mana Sphere Loop ⇔ Magic Metal Energy Loop ⇔ Magic Nature Orb Travel Loop ⇔ Magic Nature Spell Loop ⇔... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Cracks and Squeaks

This selection are sound effects for ice and wood cracking and squeaking and other effects that are not hits or whooshes. Ambience Ice Break Large ⇒ Ambience Ice Crack Large ⇒ Ambience Ice Crack Small ⇒ Ambience Ice Stress Squeak ⇒ Ambience Woodlands Rustle Branches ⇒ Ambience Woodlands Rustle Leaves ⇒ Biome Asteroid Debris Drill Loop ⇔ Biome Object Spawn Ice Large ⇒... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Bells, Beeps and Alarms

This selection are sound effects that can be used for button clicking, interactions, alarms and science fiction effects. Access Terminal Accept ⇒ Access Terminal Reject ⇒ Alarm Bell Large ⇒ Alarm Bell Small ⇒ Alarm Bell Town Clang ⇒ Alarm Bell Town Swing Clang ⇒ Alarm Car Warning Loop 02 ⇔ Alarm Clock Beep Digital ⇒ Alarm Clock Beep Harsh ⇒ Cartoon Alert ⇒ Cartoon... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Non-vocal character sounds

Ambience Crowd Small Applause Loop ⇔ Bellows Heave In ⇒ Bellows Heave out ⇒ Cartoon Eat ⇒ Cartoon Fart 01 ⇒ Cartoon Fart 02 ⇒ Cartoon Fart 03 ⇒ Cartoon Fart 04 ⇒ Cartoon Fight Cloud Loop ⇔ Cartoon Gulp ⇒ Cartoon Wizzing Loop ⇔ Cartoon Zipper ⇒ Character Goblin Footstep Armour ⇒ Character Ooze Attack ⇒ Character Ooze Death ⇒ Character Ooze Hit Reaction ⇒ Character Ooze Loop ⇔ Creature Troll... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voices (Other Voice Sounds)

This selection is of voice files not linked to a Champion or Conker character. Ambience Crowd Medium Scream ⇒ Ambience Crowd Murmur Concerned Loop ⇔ Ambience Crowd Small Cheer ⇒ Ambient Battle War Cries Loop ⇔ Character Avatar Knocked Out ⇒ Communications Chatter ⇒ Human Children Laughing ⇒ Human Crowd Small Boo ⇒ Human Crowd Small Boo Loop ⇔ Human Crowd Small Cheer ⇒ Human... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voices (Fajo)

This selection of sound files feature the voice of Fajo the Money, a character from Conker. They are all single sound files, no random selections. Fajo is a Male US voice. Voice Fajo About Me ("Hey, what about me") Voice Fajo Call ("Somebody call for me, who wants some of the dough?") Voice Fajo Emote... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voices (Conker)

The largest selection of voice files is for Conker the Squirrel. Many of these files have random selections but some are also broken down into individual sound files. Conker is a Male US voice. Voice Conker Ahh ("Ahh") Voice Conker Airstrike (random choice of 3) "Bombs Away" "Let her rip" "Target located" Voice Conker Alright... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voices (Birdy)

This selection of voice files is for the scarecrow character from Conker called Birdy. The files are mostly vocalisations rather than speech. There are no randomised voice selections, each one is a single choice. Voice Birdy Context ("Ahuh, Context Sen Satine* sorry cant understand what he is saying") Voice Birdy Did It ("Ha, You did... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voices (Avalon)

These are the vocalisations for Avalon the Druid an American female voice. Voice Avalon Acquire Item (random 2 choices) "Yes that should aid us" "Divine this should help us along the way" Voice Avalon Attack ("Attack") Voice Avalon Boss Defeated (random 3 choices) "Their madness has been cured" "The lands are a little bit safer"... Continue Reading →

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