Sound Effects: Voice Scarlett

Female voice, American Voice Scarlett Acquire Item Any advantage helps I can use this Voice Scarlett Attack "Attack" Voice Scarlett Boss Defeated It will be a little safer around here now Justice has been served The bigger they are the more dust they kick up Voice Scarlett Compliment "Good" Voice Scarlett Decline  "I cant do... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voice Karlsnor

Voice Karlsnor Acquire Item (random choice of 2) What am I supposed to do with that? Uhhuh This will come in handy Voice Karlsnor Attack ("Attack") Voice Karlsnor Boss Defeated (random choice of 2) Grrr I win Stay down chum Knock Knock, Bam Hahaha Voice Karlsnor Compliment ("Yeh, Nuuuh") Voice Karlsnor Decline (" I won't... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Voices (Haakon)

The following sounds are for Haakon the Knight (Male UK) Voice Haakon Acquire Item (random choice of 2) "This should help us along" "Sigurd can't hold that but I'll use it" Voice Haakon Attack ("Attack") Voice Haakon Boss Defeated (random choice of 3) "Justice has been served" "Their reign of terror is over" "That couldn't... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Vehicles

This selection are of files suitable for using as engine noises. Fire Magic Whirl Loop ⇔(Helicopter) Fire Thruster Small Active Loop ⇔ (Rockets) Magic Arcane Torrent Active Loop ⇔ (Engine sound) BUGGED. Do not use Magic Arcane Torrent Active Loop 02 ⇔ (Engine sound) BUGGED. Do not use Magic Arcane Torrent Travel Loop 01 ⇔ (Engine sound) Magic... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Music

This selection is of the music files and instruments available. Music Loops ⇔ Instrumental Beat 01 (Electronic, Disco, Dance, Upbeat)⇔ Instrumental Beat 02 (Electronic, Industrial, Serious)⇔ Instrumental Beat 03 (Electronic, Funk, Dance, Upbeat)⇔ Instrumental Beat 04 (Electronic, Mysterious, Upbeat)⇔ Music Action BGM Loop (Piano, Orchestra, Fighting, Frantic, Fear) Music Adventure Boss Loop (Drums, Orchestra, Fighting, Epic)... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: The Elements

This selection represents sounds of the earth being moved, fire crackling and water flowing (wind can be found under atmosphere and weather) Earth Material Dirt Debris Loop ⇔ Material Dirt Debris Small ⇒ Material Leaves Rustle Loop ⇔ Material Plant Die ⇒ Material Plant Grow ⇒ Material rock Debris Large ⇒ Material Rock Debris Loop ⇔ Material Rock Debris Medium ⇒ Material Rock... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Terrain Tool Brush Sounds

This selection can be heard when you apply textures or grow and erode land. Biome Paint Terrain Brick Shingle Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Dirt Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Earth Scorched Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Foliage Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Grass Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Ice Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Metal Loop ⇔ Biome Paint Terrain Rock... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Fireworks

This selection is a specific style of explosion suitable to accompany firework visual effects. Explosion Fireworks Jumping Jacks ⇔ Fire Magic Energy Loop ⇔ Fire Magic Flare Up ⇒ Fire Magic Large Explosion ⇒ Fire Magic Launch ⇒ Fire Magic Whirl Start ⇒ Fire Magic Whirl Stop ⇒ Fireworks Candle Explosion ⇒ Fireworks Candle Flash ⇔ Fireworks Explosion A ⇒ Fireworks Explosion B ⇒ Fireworks Explosion... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Explosions

This selection is of single explosion sounds (more than a hit). Biome Object Spawn Rock Large ⇒ Biome Object Spawn Structure Large ⇒ Biome Object Spawn Tree Large ⇒ Creature Void Tentacle Bulb Pop ⇒ Dragon Fireball Impact  ⇒ Dragon Fireball Shot ⇒ Earth Magic Energy Impact ⇒ Earth Magic Impact ⇒ Earth Magic Seismic Impact ⇒ Elemental Blast Ice Large ⇒ Elemental Rock Stone... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects: Whooshes

This selection is of sound effects that have a whoosh effect on them, so they sound like something moving. Useful for magic and flying. Avatar Swoosh Medium ⇒ Avatar Swoosh Small ⇒ Conker Grenade Throw ⇒ Creature Void Tentacle Aggressive Swing ⇒ Creature Void Tentacle Swing ⇒ Dark Energy Burst ⇒ Dragon Breath Start ⇒ Dragon Breath Stop ⇒ Dragon Wing Flap ⇒ Elemental... Continue Reading →

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