Will Microsoft bring back Project Spark?

If you think that somewhere in the archives of Microsoft there is a server or collection of servers that contain all the amazing community creations from Project Spark, and that somehow they might one day feel generous and turn them back on I think you are delusional. Those servers were re-purposed a long time ago.... Continue Reading →

Will Dreams take me away from Project Spark?

The easy answer to this is a sad, yes. I have spent nearly 5 years creating, educating, writing, playing and promoting Project Spark. I was very sad to see it decline and close in 2016 and was very pleased to see a small dedicated community that invited me back in in 2017. I have built... Continue Reading →

Changes for 2019 on the site

This year will see a slowdown of changes to this website and the archive. The Archive As new stuff is not being uploaded to YouTube, and I have exhausted most of the videos showing clips of Project Spark there will be a lot less added to the site this year than previous. Let me know... Continue Reading →

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