Spark finally dies

As of 1 March 2020 it appears a licensing issue has finally stopped easy access to the Project Spark game, and although some people are finding ways round it by ensuring that they are offline before accessing the game and tapping the A button really - this is not really sustainable and most people are... Continue Reading →

Project Spark in 2019

Happy New Year everyone. It is going to be an interesting year for Project Spark as this year sees the release of PlayStation's creative game Dreams. Many Sparkers are already on the Beta, and it is likely to take away some players, maybe permanently. However, Dreams may not be gloom and doom for Project Spark.... Continue Reading →

Game Mechanic Breakdown: Brave

Part of the Game Mechanic Series on YouTube Sequence Puzzle A simple floor pad puzzle where you need to step on the stones in the right order to open a door. Sequence Puzzle Arrow Selection Menu How to create a simple rotating menu to select an arrow type. Arrows and Platforms Growing Platforms Make platforms that... Continue Reading →

A Year of Inspiration

Inspired by Inktober and their daily prompt list I am going to issue a 12 month theme list for creatives to inspire them to make things in  Project Spark, Dreams and any other creative program of their choice. This is the list for 2019. To take part make a clip and post to the Project... Continue Reading →

Game Mechanic Breakdown: Fortnite

Part of the Game Mechanic series on YouTube (LadylexUK). Fort building The main mechanic in Fortnite is the ability to build platforms, towers and safe places. Fortnite Platform Building Storm Front As a Battle Royale game the gameplay area shrinks over time. In Fortnite the unplayable area is taken over by a storm.Shrinking Play Area Loot... Continue Reading →

Game Mechanic Breakdown: Lego

A good way of developing your Project Spark koding skills is to try to recreate game mechanics from AAA games. You can then use these game mechanics to create your own games. Here is the breakdown of game mechanics from the Lego games by Travellers Tales. Collectable tokens fly towards you In Lego you collect... Continue Reading →

1 Year Anniversary

This website has been up for a whole year! So Happy Birthday to us! What has happened in a year of Project Spark? Well, the School of Kode website was brought back and improved with over 500 tutorials, an encyclopedia of brain tiles, props and pre-made brains. The archive of Project Spark Community levels has... Continue Reading →

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