Project Spark in 2019

Happy New Year everyone. It is going to be an interesting year for Project Spark as this year sees the release of PlayStation’s creative game Dreams. Many Sparkers are already on the Beta, and it is likely to take away some players, maybe permanently.

However, Dreams may not be gloom and doom for Project Spark. If the game is a hit, Microsoft may start looking for their own creative offering, and Project Spark is the obvious property to resurrect. So keep the faith Sparkers.

The Project Spark Team club is still attracting new members and is a great place to talk about Project Spark and show the world your creativity. I have introduced a monthly theme to give you some inspiration – a list appears on this website for the year.

For those new to this site and wondering how we are all playing Project Spark after they shutdown the community servers in August 2016 here is some information.

If you have an Xbox One and never installed Project Spark between 2014-2016 you can no longer access if from the Store. However you can buy the starter disk (a physical disk available online from many stores as well as secondhand). Instead of using the code you install the game the old fashioned way. Although the disk features a limited selection of items on the box, it will load everything that was available by end of August 2016 (with the exception of some DLCs that were issued at the end and were never implemented to work in offline mode (see Known Bugs). None of the multiplayer options will work (play or create) and you cannot share or view community levels. You can however play Crossroads, Void Storm, Conker, and create your own levels.

If you have a PC please visit forum where there are instructions for obtaining Project Spark. If you downloaded the game previously you may find a link from the store will allow you to download a second time, but this does not work for everyone. If you never had Project Spark before the shutdown I do not believe there is an option to download it now, and I have been told the instructions do not work. If you know different then please leave a comment.


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