Sound Effects: Voices (Avalon)

These are the vocalisations for Avalon the Druid an American female voice.

  • Voice Avalon Acquire Item (random 2 choices)
    1. “Yes that should aid us”
    2. “Divine this should help us along the way”
  • Voice Avalon Attack (“Attack”)
  • Voice Avalon Boss Defeated (random 3 choices)
    1. “Their madness has been cured”
    2. “The lands are a little bit safer”
    3. “They underestimated my power”
  • Voice Avalon Compliment (“Splendid”)
  • Voice Avalon Decline (“I can’t do that”)
  • Voice Avalon Defend Town (random 3 choices)
    1. “This village is safe once more”
    2. We staved off their attack, for now”
    3. “Another attack repelled”
  • Voice Avalon Encounter Challenge (random 11 choices)
    1. “No harm will come to the land”
    2. “More vile creatures ahead”
    3. “We must prepare to defend ourselves”
    4. “I will send these creatures back to the land”
    5. ” A battle awaits us”
    6. “They underestimate my powers”
    7. Divine balance will be restored”
    8. “I will overcome this challenge”
    9. “Nature’s foes are everywhere”
    10. “They must not taint the lands”
    11. “Our journey runs afoul”
  • Voice Avalon Escort Complete (random 3 choices)
    1. “Remember all we have done”
    2. “Be safe”
    3. “The well-spring guided our safe journey”
  • Voice Avalon Examine Glyph (random 4 choices)
    1. “Another gift from the lands”
    2. “What wisdom is bestowed upon us?”
    3. “The land speaks with us”
    4. “Our path will be revealed”
  • Voice Avalon Finished (“Finished”)
  • Voice Avalon Great Work (“Great Work”)
  • Voice Avalon Help (“Yaah!”, “Uuggghaa”)
  • Voice Avalon Humor Joke (random choice of 5)
    1. “Avalon, sounds like a place to live”
    2. “I hear not all druids talk to plants, mmm”
    3. “So the Well-Spring and the Creation Well walk into a tavern”
    4. “WHEN level up DO health increase”
    5.  “Well-Spring always said pressing buttons does stuff, I wonder what that means?”
  • Voice Avalon Hurry (“Hurry up”)
  • Voice Avalon Idle (random choice of 4)
    1. “Singing: From the sea to the soil,where there is trouble I won’t toil, to the land I am loyal I am loyal”
    2. “As the tree I have no need of movement”
    3. “This place could use some flowers”
    4. “Singing Humming first then – From the sea to the soil,where there is trouble I wont toil, to the land I am loyal I am loyal”
  • Voice Avalon Level Up (random choice of 3)
    1. “My connection with the Well-Spring deepens”
    2. “The Well-Spring invigorates me”
    3. “The Well-Spring grants me more power”
  • Voice Avalon Mission Accept (random choice of 3)
    1. “I am prepared for what is to come”
    2. “No task for Verdia is trivial”
    3. “Let the Well-Spring guide us”
  • Voice Avalon Mission Complete (random choice of 3)
    1. “Verdia provides for me I am it’s protector”
    2. “A victory worth celebrating”
    3. “The spoils are ours today”
  • Voice Avalon Name (“Avalon”)
  • Voice Avalon No (“No”)
  • Voice Avalon Notice (“Something is there”)
  • Voice Avalon Nudge (“Singing Humming first then – From the sea to the soil,where there is trouble I wont toil, to the land I am loyal I am loyal”)
  • Voice Avalon Oh No (“Oh no”)
  • Voice Avalon Over There (Over There”)
  • Voice Avalon Puzzle Incomplete (random choice of 4)
    1. “The light will lead us to what we seek”
    2. “Balance must be restored
    3. “There is more work to be done here”
    4. “We must seek more wisdom”
  • Voice Avalon Request (“I need your help”)
  • Voice Avalon Select (random choice of 5)
    1. “Ready to Serve”
    2. “For the Well-Spring”
    3. “The Well-Spring summons me”
    4. “Feel my power”
    5. “For Verdia”
  • Voice Avalon Thanks (“Thank you”)
  • Voice Avalon Victory (random choice of 17)
    1. “The Well-Spring wasn’t on your side”
    2. “By the grace of the Well-Spring we are victorious”
    3. “Uh, okay just breathe”
    4. “They are no more”
    5. “The Well-Spring welcomes you”
    6. “You will blight this land no more”
    7. “Judgement is rendered”
    8. “Begone”
    9. “The land is safe for now”
    10. “All that remains for you is darkness”
    11. “Your demise was predicated by me”
    12. “Nothing can overcome me”
    13. “Your corruption spreads no further”
    14. “When Verdia is threatened I will stand my ground”
    15. “Back to the land you go”
    16. “My powers were too much for you”
    17. “You wont make that mistake again”
  • Voice Avalon Wounded (random choice of 8)
    1. “I am not ready for defeat”
    2. “No, Verdia still needs me”
    3. “The Well-Spring preserves me, I will not fall”
    4. “I must not fail”
    5. “I will protect Verdia”
    6. “Great Well-Spring heal my wounds”
    7. “Verdia needs my protection”
    8. “I will not be defeated”
  • Voice Avalon Yes (“Yes”)

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