November 2018


School of Kode
Brain Tiles 340
Written Tutorials 135
Video Tutorials 425 +3
Prop Gallery 85+ 16
Brain Gallery 220
Articles 13 +1

Project Spark Archive
Compilations 68
Multi Game Lets Plays 36 +6
Community Levels 836 +8
Post Shutdown Levels 27
Post Shutdown Compilations 10

Total pages added  in October = 34

What happened in October 2018

School of Kode
Completed the visual effects index
Started the Sound Effects index (A-L completed)

Project Spark Archive
Not as much activity this month. Will be adding more soon.

YouTube Channel LadylexUK
Project Spark Game Mechanics for Ghost Recon Wildlands
Completed the Project Spark Alphabet
Started the Single Prop Challenge
Added some Dreams compilation videos
Spark Tales

Plans for November 2018

School of Kode
Still work on the Sound effects index

Project Spark Archive
Adding my lets plays to the archive

YouTube channel LadylexUK
Project Spark Game Mechanics will feature Disney’s Brave
More Single Prop Challenges
Tutorials from your requests and other
Vids on my past creations
More Spark Tales

Plans may change if Media Molecule launches dreams Beta this month.


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