Special Effects: V

Tile Name Description Type Sound
Void Aura Glowing ball with rising smoke Loop None
Void Aura – Intense Cloud with glowing centre and particles and wisps Loop None
Void Cloud Thick undulating cloud Loop Magic Void Corruption Aura Loop
Void Debris Thick cloud with rising smoke and particles Loop None
Void Destruction Explosion with a flash a cracked earth effect and rock debris One Shot Magic Void Ground Slam
Void Embers Rising wisps of smoke with particles Loop None
Void Energy Small glowing orb with wisps and tiny particles moving to the center Loop None
Void Energy – Intense Rotating swirl of wisps and smoke Loop Magic Void Energy Loop
Void Explosion Large explosion of light with expanding plasma and large square particles One Shot Magic Void Electricity Explosion
Void Impact Starbust with smoke and particles One shot Magic Void Energy Burst Impact
Void Impact Ooze Burst of falling smoke or liquid One Shot None
Void Portal Rotating disc of light with glowing center, rising bubbles and sphere particles Loop Magic Void Electricity Portal Loop
Void Smoke Rising column of smoke with square particles Loop None
Void Vapor Rising wispy smoke Loop None

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