Special Effects: S


Tile Name Description Type Sound
Sandfall Directional column of very fine mist of sand with occasional larger particles Loop None
Sandstorm Horizontal flying debris, fine mist and wind effects over a large area Loop None
Scan Directional lasers from a single point making a cone shape Loop Energy Device Scanner Active Loop
Sci Fi Grenade Explosion Explosion with plasma, smoke, a ring and particles One shot Weapon Sci-Fi Grenade Explosion
Sci-Fi Highlight Turning hologram ring (inner circle turns clockwise, outer anti clockwise) with markings and arrows Loop None
Sci-Fi Pickup Glow Same as Sci-Fi Highlight but with a central glowing light Loop None
Sci-Fi Targeting Ring with cut outs constantly shrinking to the center Loop None
Shield Charge Starburst explosion with wisps One shot Metal Magic Explode
Shock Aura Cloud of fog with plasma and small starbursts Loop None
Short Fuse Lit fuse effect with sparks Loop Fire Fuse Small Loop
Sleep Aura Cloud of fog with starbursts, particles and rising Z letters Loop None
Sludge Fall Directional falling column of dirty water Loop Sludge Fall Loop
Sludge Impact Explosion of worms debris and smoke One shot Impact Sludge
Sludge Stream Directional column of thick liquid and wisps Loop Sludge Stream Loop
Smoke Directional column of rising thick smoke with particles Loop None
Smoke Trail Ball of smoke with debris (creates trail if moving) Loop None
Snow Directional falling snowflakes over a large area Loop None
Spark – Aggressive small ball of plasma with glow (creates trail of light with sparkles if moving) Loop None
Spark – Captured Identical to Spark – Aggressive (coloured differently) Loop None
Spark – Happy Identical to Spark – Aggressive (coloured differently) Loop None
Spark – Level Up Explosion central starburst with an expanding ball of wisps One Shot None
Spark – Neutral Identical to Spark – Happy Loop None
Spark – Weak Glow with sparkle and wisps Loop None
Spark – Emitter Rising sparks (like a fuse or acetylene torch) Loop Magic Spark Emitter Loop
Spark Exodus Explosion of light and rising particles One Shot None
Sparkle Pulsing glow cloud with random particle effects Loop None
Sparkle – Falling Explosion of falling particles and a light glow One shot None
Sparkle – Simple Random particle effects Loop None
Sparks Emitter – Strong Same as Spark Emitter but with a tighter column of sparks Loop Magic Spark Emitter Loop
Spiral Cloud Spiralling cloud with random particles Loop Magic Portal Gate Loop
Spirit Drain Ball of wisps with rising stars and wisps Loop None
Splash Invisible object drops into water with rising droplets and expanding ripples One shot Water Movement Splash
Spooky Eyes Pair of blinking eyes that appear and disappear Loop None
Steam Gust Directional gust of steam (like from a burst pipe) Loop None
Stink Lines Smoke cloud with rising wisps and floating debris Loop None
Stone Explosion Explosion of large and small rocks with smoke One Shot Explosion Stone Medium
Strike Impact – Slash Flash of plasma and sparks One shot None
Strike Impact – Slice Expanding horizontal line of light (when rotated becomes a cross) One shot None
Strike Impact – Strong Starburst explosion with smoke and debris One shot None
Strike Impact – Weak Small explosion of sparks and debris One shot None
Stun Cloud with rising glowing particles swirls and bursting stars Loop None

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