Special Effects: P


Tile Name Description Type Sound
Pickup A Explosion of wisps and debris One shot Magic Pickup 01
Pickup B Explosion with a column of light, wisps of smoke and debris One shot Magic Pickup 02
Pickup Coin Explosion with a swirl of light and debris One shot UI Collect Coin
Plant Debris Explosion of leaves and smoke One shot Explosion Plant Leafy Debris
Plushy Stuffing Impact Explosion of stuffing that fades and falls One shot Impact Stuffed Toy
Pod Pollen Rising cloud of tiny particles Loop None
Poison Cloud Bubbling ball surrounded by swirling smoke Loop Magic poison loop
Pollen Small floating particles Loop None
Pollen Aura Small cloud of pollen and light Loop None
Poof Starburst explosion with smoke and rising particles One Shot Magic Poof Large
Poof – Directional Starbirst explosion with fast travelling smoke One shot Magic Poof Large
Portal Column of wisps with horizontal rings at the base and sparkles ending in an explosion One Shot Magic Portal
Pottery debris Explosion of debris with smoke One shot Explosion Pottery Clay Debris
Projectile Trail Invisible unless moving. Creates a trail of light Loop None
Protection Sphere Hologram ball made up of an hexagonal grid Loop None
Protection Sphere Break Starburst explosion with particles One shot None
Pumpkin explosion Explosion of debris with liquid and wisps One shot Explosion Pumpkin Debris



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