Special Effects M

Tile Name Description Type Sound
Magic Aura Ball of plasma, sparkles and wisps Loop Magic Aura Loop
Magic Barrier Ring with popping rings inside and sparkles Loop None
Magic Burst A Explosion of electricity with some smoke and an expanding plasma ring One shot Magic Crystal Arrow Impact
Magic Burst B Explosion of smoke, debris, an expanding ring and sparkles One shot Magic Crystal Cluster Explode
Magic Embers Rising particles and wisps Loop Fire Magic Energy Loop
Magic Plume Explosion with large expanding rings a central ball of wisps and rising wisps One Shot Magic Energy Bright Burst
Magic Skull A cloud of black smoke with wisps and a starburst which fades away to reveal a rising stretched skull face One shot Magic skull
Magic Summon Explosion of wisps with rising column, starburst and ring One shot Magic Destroy Enemy
Mana Sphere Ring of Light with emanating plasma (not a sphere) Loop None
Metal Debris Explosion of debris that looks more like glass than metal One Shot Explosion Metal Debris
Muzzle Blast Explosion with rising smoke and embers One shot None
Muzzle Fire Small explosion of light One Shot None
Muzzle Fire – Nature Explosion of sparkles One shot None
Muzzle Flash – Laser Rifle Explosion with ring, particle and wisps and a tail of short lines One shot None

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