Oct 2018


School of Kode
Brain Tiles 340
Written Tutorials 135
Video Tutorials 422 +14
Prop Gallery 69 + 8
Brain Gallery 220

Project Spark Archive
Compilations 68
Multi Game Lets Plays 33 +6
Community Levels 824 +15
Post Shutdown Levels 27
Post Shutdown Compilations 10

Total pages added  in September = 43

What happened in September

Tutorial website
Completed Visual Special effects A-I. Completed cataloguing Sound FX A-E. Added Fortnite Game Mechanic Breakdown.

Archive Website
Continued to add games and multi-game videos to the site.

YouTube Channel
Worked on Fortnite Game mechanics.
Completed the Project Spark Alphabet up to the letter W
Spark Tales for August 2018
Posted a compilation of the Gothic Novel GameJam Challenge entries

What is planned for October

Tutorial Website
Hope to progress with the SFX galleries.

Archive Website
Expect to finish the resulting list when you type in “Project Spark” into YouTube. Hope to add more videos this month to the archive.

YouTube Channel
This month I will be looking at Ghost Recon Wildlands game mechanics, working through the Alphabet from X to Z, and of course this month’s Spark Tales. I have also polled my subscribers to ask about adding Dreams content to the site, and they overwhelming want to see it. So I may be adding more Dreams content this month.


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