Special Effects F

Tile Name Description Type Sound
Falling Leaves Single leaves fall every second in different sizes and shapes. 2 color options. Loop None
Falling Rocks Falling rock debris every second in different sizes and shapes Loop None
Fan Breeze Directional wind effect with leaf debris Loop None
Faucet Small constant stream of water Loop Water Faucet Loop
Feather Burst An explosion with a puff of smoke and feathers One Shot None
Fire Breath Directional stream of fire. Fierce with point of origin a ball of flame Loop Dragon Breath Loop
Fire Emitter Directional stream of fire. 2 streams. Loop Fire Emitter Loop
Fire Explosion Explosion fire ball with ring and sparks One shot Explosion Fiery Medium
Fire Orb Ball of red plasma with smoke Loop Fire Emitter Loop
Fire Patch Vaguely circular patch of fire Loop Fire Patch Medium Loop
Fireball Ball of plasma with current lines Loop Fire Fireball Sizzle Loop
Fireball Impact Burst of fire with energy rings extending outwards One shot Impact fireball
Fireball Launch Directional puff of smoke with embers One shot None
Fireflies Floating specks of light Loop None
Fireworks Candle – Explosion Sparks with a central plasma explosion One shot Fireworks Candle Explosion
Fireworks Candle – Flash Ball of plasma with a vertical tail and sparks Loop Fireworks Candle Flash
Fireworks Candle – Idle Small shower of sparks.
WARNING DO NOT USE. Effect has a sound effect bug so you cannot change the sound and the sound persists even after the prop is destroyed or removed in create mode
Loop Fireworks Candle Idle Loop
Fireworks Candle – Projectile Starburst with sparks and wind trail Loop Fireworks Candle Projectile
Fireworks Explosion A Double burst of fireworks with falling sparks One Shot Fireworks Explosion A
Fireworks Explosion B Triple burst of fireworks with falling sparks and smoke One Shot Fireworks Explosion B
Fireworks Explosion C Triple burst of fireworks with falling sparks One Shot Fireworks Explosion C
Fireworks Flare Shower trail of sparks with smoke Loop Fireworks Flare
Flame Aura Patch of fire Loop Fire Flame Aura Loop



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