Special Effects E


Tile Name Description Type Sound
Electric Burst Electric sparks, plasma and rock debris One shot Elemental Electric Burst
Electric Current- Root Rotating plasma ball with a rising column of electricity Loop Elemental Electric Current Loop
Electric Current – A A column of electricity plasma of two or three strands Loop Elemental Electricity Arc Buzz Loop
Electric Current B A column of electricity plasma with multiple strands Loop Elemental Electricity Arc Buzz Loop
Embers- subtle Rising fire embers and wood debris Loop None
Emote – Angry Puffs of smoke mirrored (like a bull breathing from his nostrils) Loop None
Emote – Celebrate Rising streamers and falling confetti. Multicolored. Loop None
Emote – Dance Rising musical notes Loop None
Emote – Love Rising and pulsing heartshapes Loop None
Emote – Sad Mirrored droplets of water in a falling stream (crying) Loop None
Emotes – Dizzy Circling rings with rising stars and swirls and some smoke Loop None
Energy Absorb Burst of energy with rings extending outwards with sparks moving to the centre One shot None
Energy Blast Starburst explosion with sparks and plasma One shot None
Energy Blaze A plasma ball with tail (like a comet) Loop None
Energy Burst A Explosion with a starburst, large extending rings and particles One shot Magic Reveal Appear Shimmer
Energy Burst B Explosion dissolving into expanding particles One Shot None
Energy Charge Cone Cone of electricity with a plasma ball at the end. Cone moves towards the ball. Loop Sci-Fi Energy Vortex Loop
Energy Charge Up Ball of sparkles, plasma and particles Loop None
Energy Cube Glowing and pulsing cube of plasma Loop Magic Energy Tonal Loop
Energy Explosion Starburst explosion with plasma ball One Shot None
Energy Frame Rectangular plasma frame Loop Magic Energy Tonal Loop
Energy Impact Plasma explosion with an expanding ring One Shot None
Energy Orb Spherical empty ball of plasma with rings of energy passing up and down Loop Magic Energy Hum Loop
Energy Projectile Ball of plasma Loop None
Energy Rail When stationery it is a cloud of sparkles. When moving it creates a plasma trail. Loop None
Energy Ring A plasma ring Loop None
Energy Shield Similar to Energy Charge Cone but plasma sparks come away from the plasma ball Loop None
Energy Sphere Empty plasma ball Loop UI Alert Magic Shield Activate
Energy Trail Ball of plasma with a trail and smoke and particles Loop Magic Crystal Freeze Whoosh 02
Ethereal Skull Rising smoke in the shape of a skull Loop None



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