Game Mechanic Breakdown: Lego

A good way of developing your Project Spark koding skills is to try to recreate game mechanics from AAA games. You can then use these game mechanics to create your own games. Here is the breakdown of game mechanics from the Lego games by Travellers Tales.

Collectable tokens fly towards you
In Lego you collect small studs that add to a counter. When you get enough in each level you receive an achievement such as “True Adventurer”. Attracting tokens (like in Lego games)

Destruction of props
In Lego most of the props in the world are destructible and break down into bricks and/or studs. Use a combination of the attracting tokens and destroy and build tutorials.

Destroying a prop to make another
Some props when destroyed create bouncing bricks which can then be used to build a pre-determined prop that allows you to progress in the game.
Destroy and Build: Lego Mechanic

Compass with in-game trail markers
In Pirates of the Caribbean the Jack Sparrow character has a compass. When activated it marks out a trail in the world to follow to reach a minikit or a hidden prop. Lego Object Finder

Collectable Minikits
One of the collectable objects in each level is a mini kit. Collect all the minikits in a level to get an achievement. The feature of this collection is the way the prop appears to fly across the screen into your minikit counter. Lego Collectable Minikit

Interactable objects
There are many interactable objects in lego games that create paths, open doors and reveal secrets. Interactable Actions (Lego Game Mechanic)

Brain swap
You can swap characters during game play and the characters not played by the player are autonomous AI. Swap brains: Lego Game Mechanic


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