Special Effects D

Tile Name Description Type Sound
Dark Energy Burst An explosion of smoke balls with small debris and plasma lines One shot Dark Energy Burst
Dark Energy Hover A clockwise rotating spiral of smoke with a neon light Loop Dark Energy Hover Loop
Dark Energy Projectile A ball of smoke with neon lights and a tail Loop Dark Energy Projectile Loop
Dark Energy Thruster Sparkling firework with smoke tail Loop Dark Energy Thruster Loop
Death Impact Explosion starburst with some debris One shot None
Desert Fog Thick fog Loop None
Desert Stone Explosion Explosion of stone debris with smoke One shot Explosion Rock Sandy Debris
Destroy Foe Explosion with expanding circles and rising plasma smoke One shot Magic Destroy Enemy
Destroy Hero Smoke explosion with whisps and an expanding circle One shot Magic Destroy Ally
Destroy Prop Large smoke explosion with expanding circle and sparks One shot Magic Explosion Poof Dirt
Dirt Kickup Small smoke explosion with small debris One shot None
Dirt Land – Large Similar to Dirt Kickup but Larger and with lines of debris expanding out One Shot None
Dirt Land – Small Same as Dirt Land Large same size as Dirt Kickup One shot None
Dirt Plume Large ball of smoke with expanding circle One shot None
Double jump Explosive light with expanding circles and rising debris One shot None
Dragon’s Roar Tornado swirl of debris and smoke Loop None
Dragonfly Single hovering dragonfly Loop None
Drop Shadow Circular shape (alterations of tints can create a sharp circle or fuzzy, or a fuzzy ring) Loop None
Drop Shadow – Transparent Circular fuzzy shape (Alteration of tint can be made opaque) Loop None
Druid Magic Aura Sparkles and debris and rising leaves Loop Magic Nature Aura Loop
Druid Projectile Ball of plasma with leaf debris Loop Magic Nature Spell Loop
Druid Projectile Impact Same as Druid Projectile but one shot One Shot Magic Nature Spell Impact
Dust Ring Circular explosion of smoke (not really a ring) One shot None
Dust Trail Puff of smoke One shot None



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