Enemy Brain – Yeti

Type: Enemy brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 2
Description: Found in the Yeti Character model. This character has a melee attack, and if it’s enemy is within a set distance for 5 seconds it will start its freeze blast attack See Debuff-Freezing.


page 1 @Seek & Attack

  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 3]
  2. …WHEN DO [equip][prop:Yeti’s Club]
  3. WHEN [enemies][nearest object][or][player][neutrals][nearest object] DO [objvar:my enemy][equals][it]
  4. WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][less than][2][and][distance to][objvar:my enemy][greater than or equal to][2]
  5. …WHEN DO [move][toward][objvar:my enemy]
  6. WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][less than  or equal to][3]
  7. …WHEN [duration timer][2][loop][hold time][3] DO [attack][objvar:my enemy][with windup][end combo]
  8. …WHEN [countdown timer][10][loop] DO [play sound][sound: Voice Yeti howl]
  9. WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][less than or equal to][4]
  10. …WHEN [countdown timer][5] DO [switch page][page:@Freeze Blast]
  11. WHEN [hit by attack][enemies]
  12. …WHEN DO [objvar:my enemy][equals][it]
  13. WHEN [countdown timer][10][loop] DO [play sound][sound:Voice Yeti Grunt]

page 2 @Freeze Blast

  1. WHEN [page entered] DO [emote][Taunt]
  2. …WHEN DO [play sound][sound: Voice Yeti Roar]
  3. WHEN [is dead] DO [done executing]
  4. WHEN [page entered] DO [play sound][Elemental Ice Gust]
  5. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][1.5] DO [play fx][fx:Energy Ring][at position][position][scale][2.3]
  6. …WHEN DO [play sound][sound: Elemental Ice gust]
  7. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][3]
  8. …WHEN [for each of][enemies]
  9. …/….WHEN [distance to][it][less than][5.5] DO [it][add brain][brain:Debuff Freezing]
  10. …WHEN DO [play sound][sound:Elemental Ice gust]
  11. …WHEN DO [play fx][Sparkle][scale][20][at position][position]
  12. …WHEN DO [play fx][fx:Snow][scale][0.05][at position][position]
  13. ….WHEN DO [shockwave]
  14. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][3.5] DO [switch page][page:@Seel & Attack]

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