Tediz SMG

Type: Enemy brain
Level:not in gallery
Pages: 1
Description: Found in the Tediz Character model. Shoots an SMG gun


  1. WHEN [once] DO [team][equals][team 2]
  2. WHEN [once] DO [objvar:my weapon][equals][equip][prop:cartoon SMG]
  3. WHEN [enemies][nearest bject][or][player][neutrals][nearest object] DO [objvar:my enemy][equals][it]
  4. WHEN [is ally with][objvar:my enemy] DO [objvar:my enemy][equals][nothing]
  5. WHEN [distance][objvar:my enemy][less than][22]
  6. …WHEN DO [turn][toward][objvar:my enemy][quickly]
  7. WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][greater than or equal to][15]
  8. …WHEN DO [move][toward][objvar:my enemy][at speed][0.8][with strafing]
  9. WHEN [distance to][objvar:my enemy][less than][5] DO [move][away from][objvar:my enemy][at speed][0.65]
  10. WHEN [distabce to][objvar:my enemy][less than][15][and][distance to][objvar:my enemy][greater than or equal to][5]
  11. …WHEN [countdown timer][3][loop][hold time][1.5][trigger on start]
  12. …/…WHEN [started to] DO [create][Attack Telegraph Signal] // this prop does not exist however it creates the exclamation mark above the Tediz head
  13. WHEN [countdown timer][0.5]
  14. …WHEN DO [play fx][Muzzle fire][overlapping][at [position][objvar:My weapon][fire point][position][scale][0.7]
  15. …WHEN DO [shoot][at speed][35][with windup][lifetime][5][interrupt][in direction][forward][without targeting]

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