Special Effects B

Tile Name Description Type Sound
Bat Swarm A rising column of flying bats Loop Animal Bat Swarm Loop
Berserk – Loop Red Plasma Vertical oval with horizontal red ring at base Loop UI Alert Enrage Loop
Berserk – Start Vertical column of magical fire explodes with swirls of smoke One shot UI Alert Enrage Activate
Blizzard Horizontal lines and particles flow in a single direction Loop Weather Wind Snow Blizzard Loop
Block Impact Spherical explosion with central flash One shot None
Block Success Spherical sparking plasma ball Loop None
Blowing Debris Horizontal wind lines with debris of various sizes moving in one direction Loop Nothing
Breeze Whisps of smoke and small amounts of debris moving in one direction Loop Ambient Wind Breeze Loop
Bubbles Rising bubbles that burst Loop None
Bubbles – Area Approx 3 times size of the Bubbles fx Loop None
Bugs Small winged randomly sized insects move around the area on land and air Loop None
Burning Aura Vaguely Spherical fire with black cinders rising from top Loop Fire Flame Aura Loop
Butterflies Small randomly sized butterflies fly around area Loop None

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