Project Spark Alphabet

A series of YouTube tutorials by LadylexUK

Video Description
A is for Apple Tree, All objects 
How to produce fruit from a tree for giving health with a cooldown
How to make visual style changes using the all objects tile
B is for Bombard Cannon Barrel, Block
How to use shields with a block to damage
How to make a cannon on a carriage
C is for Crayfish, copy terrain
How to make an animal character from the Crayfish prop.
How to use the copy terrain tile to make duplicate statues.
D is for Desert Reed, dodge
How to do somersaults
How to animate plants to create wind or water effects
E is for Explosive Crate, east
How to change the facing direction of created objects
How to make timed explosives
F is for Firework Candle, fade
How the fade tile works
How to make a simple transporter
How to make a night/day time changer
Warning about the firework candle bug
G is for Generator Assembly, game time
How to create power cell keys for powered objects
How to make a 12 and 24 hour clock
How to make a day/night cycle
H is for hanging lantern, health
How to display health in different ways
Make a chain using the hanging lantern prop
I is for Ice platforms, in hit reaction
How to use colouring options to make terrain props more versatile
How to change the hit reaction of a character
J is for Jellyfish, jump height
How to make a poisonous jellyfish
How to make a trampoline mechanic
K is for Kodian beacon, kill
How to make the kodian beacon turn on and off
How to change the kill animation and what the difference between kill and destroy is
L is for Lightbulb, letterbox
How to use the letterbox tile
The importance of lightbulb attachments for lit objects
Hat swapping
Lighting a torch on a fire
M is for magic special effects, modulo
How to use modulo to determine regular rounds and make a simple levelling system
How to play about with special effects to get different looks.
N is for nutsack, nearest object
How to use and filter the nearest object sensor.
Some ideas on how to use the sack for things other than nuts
O is for Owl tree, on music beat
How to make disco lights
How to change music with kode
How to make a transporting trap
P is for plushy stuffing, pick up
How to make a character close their eyes
How to make unique sounds for your character actions
What happens when you pick up an object
Q is for quiver, quit
How to make limited ammo and ammo refills
How to make a quit button with choices
R is for Rustic Spike Wall, random vector
How to make pop up items
How to make a random forest
S is for Signpost A, swimming
How to disable all brains in a single prop type
Improvements to the signpost kode
How to use swimming and world water level to detect a prop in water
T is for TNT bundle, transition
How to make a cut scene using transition effects
How to make a gunpowder trail and explosion
U is for umbrella, unequip
How to make a patio umbrella
How to make a weapon swapping system with a backpack
V is for video monitor small, visual effect filter
How to make a force field
How to use visual filters and color
W is for wooden crate, world picker
How to make an opening crate
How to make a destroyed crate with loot
How to make a portal to another level
X is for xmas, xp
How to make Christmas hats, puddings and trees
How to make a simple levelling system
Y is for yeti club, yaw pitch and roll
How yaw pitch and roll work
How to make a turning key in a door
Making props from the yeti club
Z is for zgloug capsule, zzzzz
How to make a Jack in the box and animatronic jump scares
How to make a sleeping mechanic
How to make a day/night mechanic when sleeping


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