Aug 2018


School of Kode
Brain Tiles 340
Written Tutorials 129 +9
Video Tutorials 404 +5
Prop Gallery 58
Brain Gallery 207 +9

Project Spark Archive
Compilations 67
Multi Game Lets Plays 8 +8
Community Levels 782 +8
Post Shutdown Levels 21
Post Shutdown Compilations 8 +4

Total pages added  in July = 43


What happened in July

Tutorial website
Completed the Assemblies Brains. Started on the Character Brains. Started to recover useful Koding Konversation forum posts.

Video Archive
Added all of CrashTestBrit’s videos. Started adding multi-game lets plays.

YouTube Channel
Suspended Live Streams for the Summer. Started new series of Game Mechanics video starting with Lego.

Plans for August

Tutorial website
Continue with the Character Brains. Adding tutorials as I make them for my YouTube Channel. Adding some Koding Konversation snippets.

Video Archive
Slowly making my way through YouTube.

YouTube Channel

Current Series include:

Weekly: Project Spark Alphabet, Game Mechanics
Monthly: Spark Tales, Lex Reacts to PSTC
May start to add Dreams content.


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