Koding Konversation: Opening doors into buildings

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Date: April 18 2016

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SimilarAsh4428: Hey guys, me again. So I’m working on my game and I want the character to go into a house (or appear that he is) and I’m not sure how to do that. Is it possible to actually go into buildings? If not, how would I make it so that the character went somewhere that looked like the inside of a house? And lastly, can I make it so that doors open? Sorry for all the questions 😛


Brasten: “Door” objects have a Power On/Off state. Turing Power On will cause them to play their opening animation. This is the simplest way.

Assuming you aren’t just creating buildings that are a part of the play area, you will need to change the [position] of the player object to wherever you’ve setup your building. This is similar to teleporting way-points. Take a look at the Assembly “Teleporter – 2 Way”.

It reads like you are using the pre-build home assemblies. These are a collection of Glued objects that are really intended to be scenery and not truly interaction points. The fast way to use these assemblies is to place a Logic Cube in-front of the door that has the [interacted] Kode. When the player interacts with invisible cube (through onscreen prompt), you play the Door Opening sound effect (selected from the gallery), and then use a [fade] to mask [position] change (and the fact that a door doesn’t actually open) to the “interior” you create in a hidden spot in the World, outside the normal play area.

[fade] is in Appearance -> Display

Kohldar: To add to Brasten’s post, there sadly are not any “buildings” that you can walk into, or open a door and you’re inside. Is it possible to glue a building together from other props? Yes very much so! So the dilemma here is, can you essentially build a building (such as a house) and walk into like you would expect to in other games?

Personally I found creating buildings in PS very cumbersome, though I know there are some very talented assembly artists who would likely disagree. If you are wanting to create a building, the things I would definitely keep in mind are object scale and the size of the building you’re making. You will also need to keep camera controls/angles in mind, as depending on how you have your camera Koded, you may run into weird behaviors while exploring.

My recommendation would be this: start small. Build a small house with a door, floor, walls, and a roof. Make it one story and get the scaling on the house down. Then see how it would look if you were to walk into the house. With the default door props, you should be able to simply interact with them to open the doors and then they will close when you are no longer near them. Let us know if you run into any snags.

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