July 2018


School of Kode
Brain Tiles 340
Written Tutorials 120
Video Tutorials 399 +3
Prop Gallery 58
Brain Gallery 198 +5

Project Spark Archive
Compilations  71 +5
Community Levels 774 +38
Post Shutdown Video 25

Total pages added 51


What happened in June 2018?

I worked through the assemblies R-T and added a few video tutorials. I completed adding all of bob101910 gameplay videos to the archive. The Project Spark Alphabet has reached the letter K. I started a new series of Lex Reacts using the Project Spark Team Club posts. The Project Spark and Dreams Creation Hour has now stopped for the Summer. We may attempt a monthly stream, but the weekly stream has stopped. Thank you to everyone who watched.

What is planned for July 2018?

Hopefully finish the assembly brains. Have started on CrashTestBrit’s PS videos. The plan is to make 2 videos a week minimum for my YouTube channel. I do not think I will be developing my SparkSim project any more, but it was a good learning exercise.


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