May 2018


School of Kode
Brain Tiles 340 (+6)
Written Tutorials 120 (+2)
Video Tutorials 396  (+8)
Prop Gallery 58
Brain Gallery 193 (+29)

Project Spark Archive
Compilations  66 (+2)
Community Levels 736  (+25)
Post Shutdown Video 25 (+1)

Total pages added 73


What happened last month (April  2018)

School of Kode
In April I altered the menu by adding some sub options to help people find the subjects they were interested in. I have started to add the modifier tiles in the brain tile gallery with their own pages.
I have added an archive list of all the subjects tackled by my weekly live stream with Dannyboy3600. I finished adding all the prop brains to the Brain gallery, working through Assemblies now (I have completed A-Q). I also added the Character and Champion gallery lists and will add info to them when assemblies is complete.

Still working through Bob101910 Playlist. If you have any levels that have not been filmed then please add them to YouTube so I can get them in the archive.

LadylexUK on YouTube
Live streaming continued throughout April, though we had some issues with YouTube which meant streaming on my channel rather than SuperSonicStation, and that has had some technical challenges for me. I have also downloaded some new editing software which hopefully will let me make better looking videos in the future. The Project Spark Alphabet series went from D to G, and Spark Tales for March was launched. I completed tutorials on animation, and a buying/selling shop system.

May 2018

There will be a brief pause to work on the site and YouTube as I will be on holiday mid May. I have also got a family video project to work on so I may not be producing as much content as usual. Keep your suggestions coming though.



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