Fireworks Spinner

Type: Assembly Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 2
Description: Found in the Fireworks Spinner Assembly. When interacted the object rotates (spins) with fireworks attached that creates a short burst Catherine wheel.


page 1

  1. WHEN [interacted] DO [switch page][next page]

page 2

  1. WHEN [page entered] DO [#roll][equals][35]
  2. WHEN [duration timer][3]
  3. …WHEN [for each of][attachments] DO [power on]
  4. …WHEN DO [roll][#roll]
  5. WHEN [countdown timer][3][hold time][1]
  6. …WHEN [for each of][attachments] DO [power off]
  7. …WHEN DO [roll][#roll][decrement][1]
  8. WHEN [countdown timer][4] DO [switch page][previous page]



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