Firework Show

Type: Assembly Brain
Level: not in gallery
Pages: 2
Description: Unnamed brain found in the Firework Show Assembly. When Interacted this brain will create a timed sequence that will turn on a series of firework rockets to create a Firework Display.


  1. WHEN [for each of][attachments] DO [detach] // this will detach all the rockets ready for firing
  2. WHEN [once] DO [iwp:Rocket 1][power on]
  3. WHEN [duration timer][3] DO [play fx][fx:Ambient Cloud A][at position][position][scale][0.7]
  4. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][0.42] DO [iwp:Rocket 2][power on]
  5. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][0.5] DO [iwp:Rocket 3][power on]
  6. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][0.6] DO [iwp:Rocket 4][power on]
  7. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][0.65] DO [iwp:Rocket 5][power on]
  8. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][1] DO [iwp:Rocket 6][power on]
  9. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][1.15] DO [iwp:Rocket 7][power on]
  10. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][1.2] DO [iwp:Rocket 8][power on]
  11. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][1.3] DO [iwp:Rocket 9][power on]
  12. WHEN [started to][countdown timer][1.3] DO [iwp:Rocket 10][power on]


You can change any of the timings that set off the rockets for a different effect. You can also change the brains inside the rockets to play different effects. To change the colours of the fireworks you can place the effect in the world, change the tints and use IWP in the Firework brains.


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