transition easing

transition easing


Kode wheel segment Camera
Style Modifier
Modifies 1st person camera, follow camera, fixed camera, boom camera
Primarily WHEN/DO DO


This tile controls the transition from one camera to another. It is paired with another tile that specifies the type of transition. Without this tile the cameras will switch from one to the other with a hard cut. With this tile the camera will appear to track (move, fly) toward the next camera. You can use this to create camera movement without the need for paths. You should include the transition tile in both cameras.

Modifiers to this modifier are:

Ease to: the camera slows down as it approaches the second camera
Ease between: camera speeds up as it leaves camera one and slows down as it approaches camera 2
Flat easing: Camera movement is a fixed speed

There are also modifiers for this that include:

without controls: Disables the right stick during the transition.
should track socket: If a socket has been chosen as a target, this will track its movements.
transition speed: Paired with a number. This determines how quickly the camera will move when transitioning to this  camera.
transition time: Paired with a number (seconds). This determines the length of time it takes for the camera to move to this camera (and therefore the speed of the camera – use one or the other)
use linear interpolation: Camera will transition in a straight line from one to the other.

Example code


WHEN DO [1st person camera][transition easing][ease to]

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